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Left Knee Problem

So I’ve had this knee pain above my left knee for the last week or so. It started ever since I unracked off a high rack during a squatting session. I stepped back while lowering the weight so all the weight went onto my left leg. Any advice? Don’t want to get injured don’t want to stop lifting.

See healthcare professional. Get diagnosis and treatment. Ez

In the mean time avoid movements/activities, loading and postures that aggravate your symptoms. In all likelihood you can probably still do most of your lifts. Just feel them out and see if there’s pain.

Monitor symptoms and change in symptoms e.g. since onset are you getting better, worse or about the same.

For shits and giggles you can Google common injuries to the knee and surrounding structures and see if a few match your symptoms. With barely any information to go off I’ma guess Quadriceps Tendon injury with about 50% certainty.