Left Knee Pain, Continue Squatting?

I have not squatted for a long time, and have recently been wanting to build my lower body and strengthen my knees since I will be joining the military/law enforcement after I graduate.

For the past month or I’ve been having a uncomfortable feeling in my inner left knee. It is not pain exactly, but its just an uncomfortable feeling and feels like I need to stretch it constantly. It also pops a lot more than my other knee.

I’m not sure if this has anything to do with it - but about 3-4 months ago I pinched a nerve in my lower back. I would get a shock of pain down my left leg. Eventually that shock turned into tingling, and now I feel it is fine. Could a pinched nerve in my lower back have affected some nerve around my knee?

What is the best course of action to rehabilitate my knee, and even more importantly, strengthen it?

Do I continue light squatting with good form in hopes that my knee will get stronger and this uncomfortable feeling will go away? Or should I lay off all leg work?

Thank you.

yes it could. and go see a chiropractor and mention the back injury from before.

Make sure you do a proper warmup before hitting ANY squat work! Here’s a great video that includes prehab/rehab and you can use it in addition to your current warmup. At first it will be a little tiring, but eventually, you will build up your work capacity and it wont fatigue you.

-Hope this helps!!!
Freak Strength . Com

Thanks for the video, it has some great exercises that I will start using!