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Left Hip Discomfort


My left hip feels tight in the area right on the edge of the left side of the pelvis (where you would normally rest your hands on your waist). The stretch where I notice it most is when I do hip circles and I lean to my right. It sometimes starts feeling really tight when I bench to the point where I have to put the bar back. Anyone know how I can fix this? I've tried hip stretches, foam rolling the area, and glute stretches, but nothing seems to get that area.


Post a pic. That would help. Also, you prob want to nip the prob off right away. I would get an exam by a professional. Maybe an orthopedist, PT or chiro. But, pic would help a lot. Can't direct you to any reading materials otherwise.


I went to the physical trainer today at my school. She did some massage stuff and showed me this exercise that seemed to fix it.