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Left Hip Broken, Right Hip Unbearable


So i have a stress fracture in my left hip, put on bed rest and crutches. had the stress fracture for 11 months now, just got seen. however, after a week of bedrest and crutches my right hip feels like its about to pop out of my ass. Its not sharp, but very very uncomfortable.

Im not supposed to walk, but i did to see if my right hip would loosen up but no go. Cant sleep, no position is comfortable i feel like breaking everything in front of me out of frustration. since i am babying my left hip, what do you think is going on with my right hip. Again, it feels like its popping out of my ass cheek


im going to doc tomorrow. I did do some research, sounds like trochanteric bursitis. Anyone familiar with this, and know if this sounds about right?