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Left Hcg Out of Fridge


i left my hcg out of the fridge for 2 days. is it still good?


I've left ghrp 6 outta the fridge for a couple of days and it was still good, my guess would be yes provided you keep in the fridge from now on


i heard it will lose potentcy,should i up my dose? and if so by how much? i have been doind 250 iu twice a week


it probably hasnt lost much especially if it was left inside in the ac...outside might be a differant story. It may have degraded a bit but i dont imagine it would be enough to have to modify your dose. trying to figure out how much it degraded and appling that to a larger dose would be damn near impossible. Although you can probably inject 300iu 2x a week if it'll make you feel better


well i dont have ac but upping it to 300 iu sounds good.thanks bro