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Left Elbow Hurts on the Bench Press

Just about 2 wks ago every time I bench press Ill have a pain in my left elbow. Its intensified lately and if i fdeel around my elbo I can feel its a tad bit more puffy than the right one. Any answers/solutions??

I had that prob a while back. I had to lighen the weight for a bit and that helped. Omega 3s also helped out a bit as well.

Make sure that you are benching with a vertical forearm, it could be that you are benching for you forearm at angle creating torsion on your elbow.


Crossfit is your friend, watch Rippetoes bench stuff.

There’s a few things that could help. Better form might help. You can also take an anti-inflammatory a few hours before your workout like Ibuproferen (sp?). Elbow supports are good too…Also, Musclerub can work too.

I had the same problem. I took off a week from lifting all together and then another week from bench press.

Never had a problem with it again. I did notice while I was on the week off, the muscle above the elbow grew dramatically in size which should give more support in the area.

I’d reccommend giving it some time off, you won’t lose any progress. If you think you’re gonna die then just do legs or something but continuing to push it may result in some adverse effects.

I agree with the time off. If your bodys hurting in a bad way, sometimes its just trying to say you need a quick break. A week off won’t kill you, it might help your lifts go up. See how it is after a week or so.

I decided to go with the elbow support and a glucosamine supp which has 2 anti inflamatories (tri-flex). Feel like I could go without the brace now although I dont plan to.
Thx for the great help

Try getting some ART on it and stretch the tris a lot at the end of the workout

This is the exact pain I am having, except now its in both elbows. Previously I thought it was in my upper arm and shoulder, but just confirmed today that its definitely my elbows. I first started feeling the pain in the bench press, same as the OP, and now it comes during almost every exercise I do (squat, power clean, shoulder press). I even get it while playing basketball and shooting jumpers. So your saying that taking a week off wouldn’t cause any muscle lost, and even may increase lifts post break?

You are problem benching the bar with inclined forearms putting torsion on the elbow joint. Taking supplements will not help the issue, if anything they will just mask it.

And no, not benching for one will not cause muscle loss.

If you are having pain on the inside of the elbow it is most likely an inflammation of the forearm tendons or it could be a stability problem with a ligament. A good thing to do is stretch the area putting your arm out straight with palm up and pulling down on your fingers.

You see a lot of major league pitchers do this stretch. Also don’t be afraid to jam finger in there and massage the area.

I quit BB flat bench all together cause it was always agitating the fronts of my shoulders and elbows… DB Bench does the trick and my chest is developing better since I stuck with it…

Supplementing with high doses Fish Oils (Omega 3 ONLY/ Omega 6’s and 9’s actually stimulate inflamation so it could make the problem worse) Check out a company called New Chapter they make a product called Zyflamend it’s 100% organic and is the bee nees of anti inflamatory products IMO…