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Left Armpit Smells Worse Than Right


I started to notice this last weekend. I did the usual check and noticed that only the left stunk. The right smells good actually. What the hell is going on here?




did you put deodorant on that side?


omg my left nut hangs lower that the right!!


what side of the equator are you on?


Wash better


Dude I live in Massachusetts (just like you, unfortunately) you tell me which side I live on


what the hell you doing smelling your pits?


the top


Put a few more strokes of deodorant on your left arm pit. Problem solved.


That is too simple. Clearly there is a defect of his left armpit, the whole arm needs to be removed to remedy this problem.


I think I figured it out. Since I wash my head first with my right hand and my nuts with my left hand simultaneously. My right consequently has less soap because on the water running on it. Which also explains why my right armpit actually smells like my balls.


Agreed. I suggest a Pitectomy...which unfortunately leaves a hole which could be defined as yet another pit, but semantics aside, let's prep for surgery.


professor x gets the last word



Add more soap = problem solved.


wrap the left armpit in seran wrap or tin foil before going out.


Off hand, I'd recommend a fenuplex and HCL protocol.
Also visit a poliquin certified biostench modulator to measure the odor distribution in the other parts of your body and compare the results. I suspect a hormonal imbalance.

PS: This is quite common among those who do not live in the dominican republic where the mangoes are so juicy they need to be eaten over the sink.