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Left Arm Weakness, Pushing and Pulling

I have been dealing with a sudden weakness in my left arm. There is no pain or numbness in my arm, shoulder, back or chest. This isn’t a small decrease. I have probably lost about 100 lbs on my bench. I did a test with dumbbells, right arm did 50 lbs no problem (probably stopped at 12-15 reps, but could have done many many more). Left arm got 6 reps. I was doing chin-ups which also felt harder (but not to the degree that bench felt harder), I was told I looked very lopsided. Additionally, my arms fall asleep at night almost every night. Not sure if that is normal or not?

I am leaning towards an impinged nerve. I would think I would have pain if this were the case though?

I have now been dealing with this for about 2 weeks, with no improvement. I have been taking it really easy. Only light pressing (I think I have done a single at 185, and my recent 1rm is 385). Light rowing on the cable machine. I have been doing legs as those don’t seem to be impacted. I have been doing SSB and camber bar to not strain the shoulders or biceps. I hate training like this! I don’t think pushing things makes sense right now though.

What are your thoughts? Should I get an MRI? I have talked to a friend that is a PT and a friend that is a chiro. They are also leaning towards impingement. The chiro thinks it is in part overtraining, but I wouldn’t expect this much of a drop off?

Can you be a little more specific about your arms falling asleep? Is it just your “arms” or do you have like tingling numbness all the way into your Ring Fingers?

When my woman has been training hard for too long her arms fall asleep at night. From tight traps/upper back I guess. After she backs off for awhile, she is cool.

I’ve been reading about impinged nerves in the neck or shoulder, and a lot of times they get specific about numbness into the ring finger being associated with compression on a specific nerve. And then that compressed (impinged?) nerve prevents the Serratus (rib meat) and Sub Scapularus (“bottom” rotator cuff muscle) from working properly.

If your shoulder blade was “loose” because of Non-working “stabilizer muscles” it would definitely, definitely mess up your pressing and chinups. And if your pec minor and upper traps and neck muscles tried to jump in and compensate to stabilize your shoulder it could definitely cause you to twist or rotate your shoulder in some weird, lopsided way.

I don’t know about MRIs or anything, but I would definitely try to get my Serratus Muscle fired up to see if it worked, and make sure my scapulas were able to move. Check out this drill from Kabuki Strength.

Then I would start looking for tightness in my neck. Like are tight neck muscles cranking down on my neck vertebrae, squeezing my nerves and causing trouble? You could massage around feeling for lumps or tightness. Or Gently try an easy neck stretching routine.

Also dude, are you the guy with the elevated rib on the left side? Or is that another guy? Because that could probably be related to this.

I have this. My back in general is developed. My chiro friend said my erectors were huge and that he had to really push to feel my spine.

Do you think a product like the Thompson Bow Tie would help with back tightness?

Nothing specific about my ring fingers. It seems to be whole arm.

When pressing, loose is what it feels like. Right side feels solid, left side feels like much more wobbly.

I’ll check out those videos.

Thanks for the reply!

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A few guys who were dealing with shoulder and upper back related issues tried out the Bowtie. Everyone mentioned that when they used it it pulled their shoulders back and made them more Aware of how tight and slumped they were. But I don’t remember anyone using it really long term and often.

If you’ve got a Mini Band or something like that you can double loop it then figure 8 it around your shoulders and behind your back to get the Feel of it.

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