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Left Arm Smaller Than My Right Arm


I am left handed but my left bicep and for arms are weaker then my right. how do i go about make my biceps and for arms equal in strength and size? i have been doing isolation work outs and dumb bells but i feel like there is more i can do.



All joking aside. I'd keep doing dumbbell work like you are and always hit that left side first. Really concentrate using every little muscle fiber to left that shit. Always aim to lift more reps or weight.

Add in some single arm reverse cable curls also for the forearms.

Plus sounds like you're probably not eating enough. If you eat like a 170 lber you'll stay looking like a 170 lber no matter how much different shit you do in the gym. EAT MORE.


Isolating one a muscle that is smaller than another is how you get it up to par. Just do more work with your left arm until is catches up - you'll probably never get them exactly the same anyway.


I'm the exact way. I'm a lefty but my right is far stronger. Add more unilateral work and give the left side more servings of pain. What I'm doing right now to bring it up that 1/4 inch is that lets say on the alt. hammer curl I do my to working set and merely hit the left side with another 10-12 reps when I'm done. That'll show it who's boss.


Holy shit G_B I'm on that situation; I write and eat (in case I eat with spoon, fork and shit) with the left, and I play sports with the right. My left arm is smaller, and I think that if you're after improving symmetry the problem should be solved ASAP to prevent making it worse. I'm doing the following movements for arms:

Biceps- in that order
One hand dumbbell steep preacher curl
Double high pulley curl
One hand dumbbell steep preacher hammer curl

Triceps- 1st and second exercise order may vary
One hand dumbbell seated tricep extension
One hand reverse cable pushdowns
One hand rope pushdowns

When I started to lift my arms were lagging, I don't think they're lagging anymore, that's why I don't feel like losing time to build size on them, even if I am.


Yup - same boat. My left arm is about a 1/4" smaller than my right. I have a shoulder injury on the left side that tends to make it not quite do its share of the load in multilateral exercises.

Bang out a couple more sets for the weak arm at the end of your exercise, and you'll bring it up to par. Maybe not exactly the same size, but you can definitely close the gap....


my left arm is 1 solid inch bigger then my right. left handed, baseball for 17 years, pitcher, will do that i guess


thank you for the insight and help very much appreciated!!!


I've found stretching intensely the weaker of the 2 to helps bring them more on par. Had a problem with my calves where my left quad and calf were bigger.

Stretching, and really concentrating on getting a deep musclular contraction.


It usually takes a couple of years of consistant training before these type of inbalances begin to show & can take many more to correct. Everyone deals with this in some manner......side to side / top to bottom / front to back. Part of the game is becoming intimate with yourself and managing your development.