Left Arm Going Numb

This post is for my cousin, just looking for opinions. He plays high school football, after a tackle about a year ago his left arm has been going number after bench press and other push exercises, high rep or heavy. His left shoulder also give out while preforming overhead presses at about 80%+ of 1rm. Since then he’s seen two doctors, one suggests streching and to perminately stop lifting, the other diagnosed him with rotator cuff tendonitis, and prescribed 4 months in physcial therapy - which did nothing. Obviously the best bet is to see another - and much better doctor, but he’s fed up with the BS and for whatever reason turned to me for help. Right now I have him doing Alwyn Cosgroves 8 week to monster shoulders (Phase 1). If it is a problem with the rotator cuff, it might help…

Any suggestions or opinions, other then the obvious - find a better doc - he’s given up on them for now.


Find someone who specialize in rehab for athletes or maybe a specialist/kinesologist in a rehab center (w/e you call it)
For now you could try to post this in Cressey’s or Roberston’s thread in the Author’s locker room.

Find a better doctor.

Go to the ‘Trainers Talking Shop’ in the GAL forum, identify one of the trainers there, and PM them. They’ll either tell you to never talk to them again, or they’ll have some good advice.

I second Nyral’s idea of posting in Cressey’s or Robertson’s locker room, but the sheer volume of questions they’re asked makes it highly unlikely they’ll get to you. Still, probably worth a shot.

Check out Cressey’s ‘Shoulder Savers’ article. That might provide some DIY help while you’re waiting on feedback from options 1&2.

How long has he layed off on lifting weights with the shoulders? What did he do during the 4 months of PT?

SOunds like he pinched a nerve. I had it happen and got PT that was basically some silly neck stretches and traction. The traction was AMAZING, a month of twice a week doing that and almost all the numbness/pain went away.