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This is hilarious...and a little sad.



That was pretty funny. My Uncle is into this sort of thing and they do the same group together working. It is truely sad!!!

I think its a way for anti-social people to live another life that does not directly deal with people.


How sad................however it makes me want to go to that website and do the same thing!!! GO LEROY!!!


At least Leeroy Jenkins still has chicken.


OMFG. The entire Internet should have been developed solely for the purpose of that video.

"Gadammit Leeroy!"


leroy is a badass


Yeah, go Leroy.

Do they actually play the game or just stand around and circle jerk all day?



I can't believe this made it to T-Nation of all places (it's about 2 months old I think). I know a few guys that used to LIVE to play World of Warcraft (the game in the video) and after this came out everyone and there brother in the game ran around yelling LEROOOOOY JENKIIIIIINS!!!!!!!!!


What I want to know is how the hell that geek came up with a 32.33 (repeating of course) percent chance of survival.