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Lee Priest Walks the Talk


Having not competed in years, Lee Priest wins the NABBA universe. Granted, his competition wasn't tremendous, but the way he looks - 90s shredded and packed with muscle - makes one think he would be a serious threat if allowed to compete in the 212lbs Olympia...


7 Years out of competition, and standing up there, you can see the difference in quality between Lee and the other men. Not that they were out of shape, small, or unconditioned for your average NPC caliber show, but this video really shows the difference between 'pro-quality', even once long removed from a pro stage.

Also, the female winner presents a great look. IMO that should be what most women's physique competitors should look like.



Why cant he compete in the 212lbs?


It's been a while since he was banned for doing a PDI show (Wayne DeMilia's new federation after he was booted out of the IFBB). Elsewhere online, someone mentioned that Bob Chicerillo (sp?) actually made a case for Priest's reinstatement after a specified amount of time, but that Lee actually declined. Not sure if this is accurate though. He would have torn through the first few 212 shows put on. Now though, I'm not too sure he'd stand well next to Flex Lewis. Lewis just completely blew me away with his physique this past year.



I personally think this is the best condition he has ever been in!!!

Flex sits a good deal above 212, I'd say hes around 220-230 before he depletes all the glycogen and stuff He's just such a massive guy for his height, He trains about an hour away so im going to have to drive to lift next the welsh dragon haha


He's definitely the grainiest oiliest (lol) ripped guy up there but I prefer the look of the second competitor from the right.

7 years off and steps on stage like that? Wow. He's awesome.


Imagine Flex and Lee hitting the front double biceps side by side on stage. That would be a sight to see.


Of all the dude's that have come through since the 90's, always though Priest and Levrone were the most impressive.


Lee easily had some of the best arms to ever come through the sport. Its a shame what happened with all the politics and shit with him.


Damn Lee looks killer! He could certainly hang with the 212's with the package he brings.


might be the leanest (right) leg I've ever seen....holy shit I've never seen every single muscle separated like that when turned to the side




You'd made me very happy if you could expand upon what you call "pro-quality" muscle (:


Lee's overall size, definition, detail, conditioning, and separation were superior. He also came in with a tight stomach, which two of the other guys lacked, and his hammies looked ridiculous. To me it was down to him and the guy to his right towards the end of judging in the first video, and he was just better.


His conditioning here is better than anyone in the top 6 of this years Olympia.

Man its hard to not be disappointed with the Olympia these days...


Just gonna leave this here.


absolutely incredible!


Not the best pics by any means, but it's something. Lee from the video above and Flex from this year's Mr. O.

I'd give Lee the arms (no surprise) and legs, and Flex the lats and waist.

P.S. - Dear Mr. Levrone,

This is a comeback. So now you can quit waving the word around and playing with our hopes for cheesy marketing purposes.

Sincerely, your fans.


Love him. My favorite post Golden Era bodybuilder. The best persona the sport had and he was banned for it. Shows how messed up it really is.

Btw in the first video, he doenst even look like the same species as the other guys. Standing next to him they all just look 'puffy'.


He is spot on.

Doing 1 show a year and you come in looking soft/flat/watery/bloated/whatever. What a waste.