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Lee Priest Strict Curl 221?

Ez 221 lb / 100kg strict curl claimed by Lee Priest. WR is Cyplenkov’s 113kg lift so not far off. Is this legit?

Why would it not be legit?

Watched the video. Not very strict, is that what you meant?

I mean, that’s not a strict curl, but if “legit” means, are those real weights, sure. Impressive in any level of strictness, too. But that’s not a strict curl. Silly to even consider it one.

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Your post and my edit happened at the same time. My thoughts as well

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Although more strict than this, the WR video is a tad loosey goosey imo too. Still impressive though.

@wanna_be @flappinit yeah I guess legit is multifaceted. I think the strict curl standard is having your back against whatever ur using the whole time but even with a little momentum 220 near strict curl with ease puts him close to a record of some sort under strict conditions. Maybe I’m mistaken and momentum adds like 20-50% more weights

Real weights is the other aspect. Priest is doing his thing in Australia and has a close longstanding relationship with this company. I’m pretty familiar with the company this YouTube vids from because I’ve been trying to buy stuff from them here in Australia during the COVID gainspocalypse. Them 25s look a lot like the 2.5kg bumpies minus the decimal point and some markings…

I wouldn’t presume to call Lee Priest out on using fake weights, it sounds like a lose-lose. I think you’re looking at the strictness of the curl in a very generous way. His arm is somewhere around 70 degrees when the curl starts. See below:
At about halfway up, his arms have not begun to actually “curl”, and are at the same angle as starting, indicating pure momentum and shoulder/chest involvement:
At 3/4 of the way up his arms are STILL about that angle. Maybe they’ve moved 5 degrees.
The actual “curl” happens when the upper arms are nearly perpendicular to the floor, and the biceps aren’t working against gravity.

Again - this is Lee Priest we’re talking about, so nobody’s doubting the strength or size of his arms, AND doing cheat curls in this way can absolutely help your bicep development, but STRICT CURL means just elbow flexion. This is almost the complete opposite of strict. So when you say

It’s severely downplaying what happened there.


So ur saying this is a power curl lol so not comparable to strict curls

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It’s just a whole different ball game. When most people do a curl, they can get a weight they can’t strict curl up to 90 degrees before the lean-back and failure happens. Starting the weight half-curled, swinging it back into your hip and then pushing it up and in front of you before curling it in is just plain different. It’s like saying “I can do 50 strict pull-ups” and then you jump up and do 50 crossfit pullups. It’s not very surprising that a guy with eyelid tats is doing what he can to stay relevant, and I don’t care what method I use, I’m not getting 221 from my hips to a curled position, so I don’t pass judgement on his strength here, I’m just calling it what it is.

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I dunno dude might be worth a try for kicks. Probably be able to flick up at least 60-80kg because ur a big fella. U can say u curl that much then.

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I have a partially torn labrum and a chunk of bone that’s been floating around in my left shoulder for a while that leads to the joint occasionally dislocating, so I’ll take a pass on shocking my biceps tendon with 120% of my strict curl weight, but I absolutely, 100%, believe that cheat curls have built some big ass biceps, and I have no problem with them. If some super jacked dude did a top-down deadlift with bumper plates and slammed them into the ground so hard that he started his pull halfway up, and then claimed an ATWR, you wouldn’t take anything away from his jacked-ness, but you’d probably laugh at the idea that it was a legit deadlift, right?

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I haven’t watched Lee’s channel in a while, but if I remember correctly, there is nothing he likes better than doing/saying goofy stuff that makes people go crazy.

Stuff like this. :grin:

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Lee Priest used to say I’ll stop curling in your squat rack when you can squat more than I curl.

I have no idea about the standards on the strict curl in competition but he’d definitely be up there with the best in his prime.

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Less excusi more lifti

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I wouldn’t say it made me go crazy, but it got me talking about Lee Priest, so he wins.

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It’s pretty shitty promo for sams fitness because they got everything out of stock rn anyways.

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No, not crazy.

There were very few things we liked better as kids than a good curling contest and making a bunch of rules to eliminate the other guy after the fact.

Basically unsanctioned powerlifting. :rofl:


Having more demand than you can handle doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

They’ve been out of stock for months. No preorders either so could have zero demand or infinite isa same thing. Unless they got a big restock/preorder incoming which I’d keen for…

I personally doubt the legitimacy of many statements Lee has made. From what I can gather he seems like a good bloke, but a few of his statements regarding his prior achievements (particularly his level of strength at 18) seem highly suspect and/or impossible. If he was strong enough to break world records for his age/weight class in powerlifting at 18, why didn’t he compete as a powerlifter?

That being said, this video appears to be legitimate. This isn’t a “strict” curl per se, more a cheat curl. Regardless this is more than 99.99% of us will ever curl. Props to him, esp given he was in a car accident a few years back, nerve pain/damage is an absolute bitch to work around. Lee Priest is awesome

Can relate, the ligaments around my shoulder are very lax due to genetics and recurrent sublaxation. Can you bench press?