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Lee Priest Seminar

I have just found out that Lee Priest is in my little town of Canberra Australia next week doing a seminar.

Does anyone know what Lee Priest actually presents in his seminars? I will probably go along, but this will be the first time that I have gone to anything like this so I am just curious.

Shit eh!

Thanks for that,im just down the road so i might go as well.
Id like to see how big this guy really is,might be hard to take training advice for him when im 1 foot taller than him :smiley: but i might see u there.


  He is worth listening to, trained in the same gym for a week with him, awesome physique when one to one, lots of hard work are apparent with him, didn't go to his presentation but i know that the general gist was that he does not use much go-go juice its gentics that have got him where he is now, talks about paul dillet and how everyone thought he was on truckloads but was on quite a small amount but gentics were the kicker with paul.
 lee is a respectfull man worth listening to amongst a load of pro's who a just addicts.