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Lee Priest Officially Back


Lee Priest has officially made his comeback, let's go.

Things should get real interesting...



I never really looked at photos of Priest until just now(except for that 'bulking' picture), and I was quite impressed.

Like, holy shit impressed.


I believe he will SMASH on the 202 and under class...heck...he will even be a threat in the open shows.



i would cut both my legs off for arms like that


My favourite bodybuilder!!!!!!

202 in the bag....


Damn, if priest competes at the next O in the 202 then Dave Henry may get into serious trouble :confused:

Priest has the bicep genetics that Henry doesn't...


His showing at I think the Ironman just before he left the IFBB for PDI was the best he's ever looked. If someone can pull up those pics, they say it all.



True, but I think he's got to prove he's still got the overall package working for him. Can't wait to see some pictures.



I believe he went to Pro Division early 2006 so this must be the one of the pics you are referring to (4 weeks out)....




2006 iron man photo


iron man


iron man


iron man


iron man


iron man


Got a back shot? Back and Triceps are Dave's strong points these days, and Priest is up to snuff in the tricep department... Guess it's going to be a back vs back thing if they face off against each other at the O.

Edit: Only the first pic was up when I posted.


Just sick. His arms are as big as his head -lol





Yeah... That guy has great shape in general... I really hope that he'll get the recognition he deserves this time. Neat shoulder-waist ratio as well and great legs imo.
Oh yeah, and a great mid-section in general... I wouldn't actually mind him winning the open at the O once or so :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: