Lee Priest - Most Genetically Gifted Bodybuilder?

Saw this video of Lee going through old photos on youtube. He had muscle at 13, a competitive physique at 15, looked like a pro at 19, despite claiming to still be natural then. Physique blew up at 20-21 when he says he did his first cycle.
Whether you believe his claims about gear, he had amazing genetics for building muscle and a great shape.

Dude had nips bigger than Uncle Sam at the age of 15… not sure if I’m buying the whole “natty” claim at this age.

I’d argue Ronnie Coleman is the most genetically gifted.

My guess would be pubertal gynocomastia. I knew two kids growing up that had it who also just happened to be pretty jacked through their teens, and one who absolutely blew the hell up through his early 20’s, and now at 51 is still significantly big and lean.

It does happen from time to time. They were certainly no Lee Priest though. That dude is a phenom.

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Age 12 when he first started training.

Yeah, I’m just not buying it. I mean maybe it’s true, but I’m just not sold on that 1) being him just starting out 2) that he’s 12 in that picture and 3) that he’s natty in this picture if actually 12 yrs.

My opinion isn’t worth much though so :man_shrugging:

This was 18, where he still claims to be natural.

And 20 where he’s juiced.

His delts at 18 are just too overbearing and loses the natural look, IMO. With smaller delts, it would have been an easier sell for me.