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Lee Priest Annouces Comeback

MD put up a video a few days ago with Lee training in Vegas during Olympia weekend. He hasn’t said which shows he’s planning on doing but he is starting his offseason training in November. He’ll be competing in the 202.

If he comes in conditioned he will absolutely rip apart Kevin English and David Henry.

And one more for my 3000th post :wink:

No, he’s not ‘all arms’

Gotta Love Priest, cept for that face tat…that just seems like a ‘lost bet’ type of thing lol


Love Priest though.

I’m excited about his return. I hear that he’ll do the Arnold if they include a 202 class, but will most likely do the Australian Prix the week after (or whatever its called).

I’ve always thought he had a great physique!
…the face 'tat does make ya wonder what he was going through though…

Hellll yeah.

if he gets it together great, i don’t think he’s going to ever get into top condition again, just a hunch…hope he proves me wrong. he’s got a supp. contract and is part of the MD machine so he’s got lots of reasons to do it, get into shape…we’ll see.

Yep, he said himself numerous times if there is going to be a 202 at the Arnold then he will do that, otherwise most likely the Aust grand prix as Elusive said

I’m really happy to hear this.

One thing though…I seem to remember Lee saying how he can never get his glutes striated and since that was one of the main things being looked at as “being in condition”, he ended up dropping out of the circuit because he knew he couldn’t reach that level of conditioning.

Or did I just make all that up in my head?

202 watch out

I been waiting for this for months!

It has been a rocky road for the guy - a victim of the political side of the sport (i cannot stand that shit)…

To those who are suggesting he may be past it… look at the ages of the best bodybuilders… they are not usually in their 20’s when they peak, but are in their 30’s and 40’s*.

Priest is a favourite of mine. :slight_smile:

*This is something i was thinking about a while back, and in most (non-iron) sports you are favoured the younger you are… in all i can think of, performance favours the young… more speed, agility, less injuries, etc.
But in bodybuilding many guys (who don’t succumb to injury that is) peak in their 40’s as quite simply, it takes tiome TO BUILD MUSCLE.
Even a youngster like Phil Heath will (assuming health and wellness) be a better bodybuilder in 10 years.



I like the face tat. Guy does what he wants and says if you don’t like it, fuck you.

It would be great to see Dave Henry go against Priest.

Seeing as Priest dogged DC training…Yes…I said “Dogged”…a while ago.

david henry vs lee priest