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Lee Labrada or Frank Zane?

Whose physique (in their prime) do you admire most?

Both awesome bodybuilders of their own eras. I would give my vote to Labrada, he has more fullness.

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Zane. But Labrada gets points for his supp company that used to make these Texas pecan pie protein bars back when I was in high school that were incredible


Zane. Labrada is too short at 5’6 which takes away his aesthetic in my opinion. Zane is 5’9 which is the average height in the US. Also, Zane got a better structure, small joints with a wide ribcage. But, I don’t know I might be biased since Zane’s structure is more similar to mine.

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I don’t think height has much to do with proportions, balance or aesthetics. Labrada’s joints aren’t large, but his muscles are more developed than Zane’s, yet still with perfect balance.

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lee labrada. his posing routine in 1988 olympia is one of the best.

my all time favorite posing routine is of course melvin anthony in 2001 ironman pro invitational.

Until they put you right next to a taller guy lol.

But yeah if it is only you in the picture then that won’t affect anything.

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Tall and excellent does tend to beat short and excellent. Not always the case though. Mohamed Makkaway beat Lee Haney. Mohammed Benaziza beat Dorian Yates.

Zane and Labrada are from different eras, relatively speaking Labrada is better developed in terms of size(whilst still having a balanced physique).

Yeah, I don’t like comparing eras, it’s a suckers game. Luckily, OP didn’t ask who was a better bodybuilder but which physique do you admire most. Which has to be Frank Zane for me, just a beautiful body… no homo.

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Fair enough I think Frank was excellent as well. I find his body type in these photo’s, a bit too ectomorphic, with an element of scrawniness. I personally like his physique better when he wasn’t in extreme contest shape, he looked a bit fuller, healthier, rather than like a flayed anatomical model.

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I really like both but give the edge to Zane mainly because I identify with him more being a ectomorph like he is.


Height aside, Labrada was an amazing specimen in his prime. His proportions size, conditioning,… honestly the ONE year they tested the Olympia he was beating Haney going into the finals, which means that Labrada had the better physique and Haney beat him (one of the best posers the sport has ever seen!) with his posing routine…

let that sink in for a moment…

I love Haney, but no way did he out-pose Labrada, Weider just wanted the Legacy to bring in fans.



I say Labrada by a mile. I don’t get the Zane love at this point. I get why what he did at the time was great for the sport, but Zane’s physique just isn’t special by today’s standards. A guy like Labrada still holds up to me.

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