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Lee Hayward and Blast Your Bench? I Call B.S.


I've been all over the internet looking for bench routines and I came across this "Blast Your Bench" program where I've read testimonies of guys adding 30-50 lbs to their bench in 3 weeks. Is this even possible? I think it's a bunch of bullshit... tell me what you guys think.


Of course for the vast, vast majority of people this isn't possible. No one can get that much stronger in that short of a time. The only exception might be someone who benches with terrible technique and they find someone who quickly teaches them good technique. These folks can see a big jump in their bench, but it's not because they really got any stronger, they just learned how to apply the strength they already had more efficiently.
Like many supplement companies, these programs appeal to impatience of people who want results immediately.



In case you haven't seen this.


Any program that tells you what you will accomplish before you are tested or evaluated is 100% bullshit. I dont even know who Lee Hayward is, but I do know that he is an asshole.

Here is the best bench program ever:
If you are weak, progressively increase weights until you aren't.


I've used it before. Its a program which has you benching 5 days a week, trying to increase the weights every time you revisit a rep range. Its meant to increase your bench by hammering the movement with 3 different rep ranges cycled for 3 weeks.
I didn't mind it, it was a fun program, my weights increased every workout and my bench did increase at the end, you'd expect that from any intensive program though: smolov jr will also give good results for example.

As for 30-50lbs, i'd say its definitely possible depending how new you are to benching: if you aren't used to benching max weights or if you started off very weak i'd say believe you'll get those gains, put everything into it and make it happen (but in that situation you should also be making gains no matter what you do haha). also before you get back to normal benching its really longer than a 3 week program because you should rest the joints after benching that much.