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Have any of you experienced any benefit from supplementing with Lecithin? Arnold swears buy it in his Encyclopedia. He builds a protein drink with Lecithin Granules, Protein powder and raw eggs. Also, I didn’t think it was a good idea to eat raw eggs?

Alot of people swear by alot of things. But it is naive (not to say you’re necessarily naive or to insult you) to take advice on nutritional supplements from someone who is/was taking anabolic steroids. Anyhow, yes, I’ve taken lecithen, and beside it’s theoretical health benefits, does nothing significant to pack on lean body mass. Eating raw eggs in this day and age is a bad idea.

Raw eggs are the bomb. I used to eat at least half a dozen a day, but my mom made me quit. They made me feel great. Just make sure you wash them in hot water and bleach before you crack them.

So, are you saying that I would be nieve to take advise about supplements from anyone who has or is taking anabolic steroids?

Wait. I fucked up. I can’t necessarily say that just because someone is/was using gear, that they can’t pass nutritional advice. What I am saying is that you shouldn’t make the connection that just because Arnold was a successful bodybuilder, that his success was based on a supplement called lecithin. He may or may not feel ‘healthier’ for taking it, but I can guarantee you it didn’t pack on his mass.