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Lecithin good?

I know soy is nothing but a testosterone killer and full of other negative side effects, but does that include Lecithin? I’ve read up on this stuff and it seems to have many great benefits as well as a good source of EFA’s. What do you guys think? If its just as bad as soy, then wouldn’t that go for “Pam Spray” as well since the main ingredient is soy lecithin?

I agree,lecithin contains lots of goodies like phosphatidylcholine that are good for the brain and for the liver,both rather important organs for anyone hoping to live a long,healthy life.
I am not aware of any studies showing negative effects from soy lecithin.If anyone does I would love to hear about it.
You can buy polyenylphosphatidylcholine supplements (Gastropro from Life Extension Foundation,it’s derived from soy but is a purer extract than taking the granules) or choline supplements,like Choline Cocktail if you are worried.There is some research showing PPC supplementation was of great benefit to people with damaged livers,( roid users and drinkers,past and prsent, might benefit from this).

There was a thread on the forum a few weeks ago where the author of the recent column on soy in t-mag commented that soy oil and lecithin did indeed contain significant amounts of phytoestrogens. I’ve tried searching for it, but cannot seem to locate that thread.