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Lecithin and Tyrosine before or after workouts?

I have a question about Lecithin and Tyrosine. These are two of the products that are in Powerdrive. I have been consuming these about 45 minutes before my workouts, but I’m wondering if that is optimal. I tend to train with real heavy weights (1-5 rep range), and I’ve had problems in the past with my CNS not recovering adequately. So, in regards to CNS recovery, do you think it would be better to consume Lecithin and Tyrosine before or after my workout. The analogy I’m thinking of is to fill up an empty tank (after workout), or make sure that the tank doesn’t get depleted in the first place (before workout). Mike

If I may speak on the behalf of John Berardi, he’s argued along somewhat similar lines. I won’t get into his reasoning (I’d certainly be overstepping my bounds and am afraid I’d misrepresent him), but he includes his Power Drive with various other components in his workout drinks.