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Lecher08's Training Log

I’ve seen someone else posting there training log and i deicide to start posting mine as well. I believe it would start helping me to remember my workouts since now i just make tallys on the floor of my garage or try to remember them from my high school gym. I’ve been working out for about a year now. Im 17 5’9 and weigh at 170lbs. @ 12.5% BF. My max on bench is 235lbs. Clean & Jerk 200lbs. I havent maxed out on squats since i hurt my right knee.

My goals are now to try to increase my maxes while trying to become as lean as possible. I will post up pics later but I believe I could drop pounds and still look as big as I do now since i have build up my shoulders nicely and they are wide. But im now in the quest for ABs. While keeping my strenght as high as possible.

Bench press
185lbs 5x5

205lbs 2x3

Inclind Bench Press
135lbs 1x10
145lbs 1x6
155lbs 2x5

(wide grip inclind bench)
140lbs 2x5

bodyweight 180 within 10mins

95lbs 1x6
100lbs 1x5
105lbs 1x5
95lbs 1x10
100lbs 1x8
105lbs 1x6
115lbs 1x1
120lbs 1x1

(cheat curls)
130lbs 1x3



front squats-sit on bench each rep
135lbs 1x10
145lbs 1x10
155lbs 2x5
165lbs 1x5
185lbs 3x5

135lbs 1x10
155lbs 5x5
170lbs 2x5
175lbs 1x5

30mins of aerobic boxing.


Bench Press-I Took this from Pat’s workout and it was fun! The only rest was the part of changing the weights.
205x2 paused

135lbs x12
145lbs x8
150lbs x5
155lbs x6
160lbs x5
165lbs x5
180lbs x2
185lbs x1

50 reps. Palms not facing me. I did as many until failure then again until i got to 50.


Today Couldnt do as much as I thought i could do since today at school the weight room was closed. But I did workout at home.

Squats- full squats
135lbs x12
155lbs x12
185lbs x5
205lbs x5
215lbs x5
225lbs x5

Its been forever since I remeber doing Squats lol

RIGHT AFTER Squats I did sprints.
100m x5 30 sec rest between 100m’s.



Military Press (seated and strict)
135lbs 10x3

Rotation with plates in each hand
5lbs x12
10lbs x12

Lateral Rises- SUPER SLOW FOR PAIN!!!
5lbs 2x25
10lbs 2x15

Barbell Shrugs
135lbs 2x25
185lbs 2x15
200lbs 2x6
205lbs 2x4

Behind the back Shurgs- barbell
135lbs 2x15
155lbs 2x15

Legs have been sore since Thursday workout so fridays workout was very light.

Inclind dumbell curls and inclind press
each rep. I find it a good way to do biceps and upper chest at the same time.
Try it!!!

*90lbs 5x8

*I used 45lbs dumbells each hand.

but every time you get done with the inclind press, youll bring the weight back down so your arms are hanging straight down then do a curl up with both arms then do an inclind press and repeat. It takes focus and energy!

I did a split workout and did legs later at night.

135lbs x12
155lbs x12
185lbs x12
205lbs x5
225lbs x2
235lbs x2
245lbs x2
275lbs x2

Front squats
135lbs x12
155lbs x8

Ive never max out on squat…basicly never really done any. I wasnt gonna put any more weight on the bar being home alone and no safty bars on the sides.

I brought the weight up so quick I swear, i could feel the bar or my legs jiggle lol
that is why i stopped.



sit ups

weighted sit ups
25lbs x30
35lbs 2x25

Reverse crunches

leg raises

crunches- slow

Leg lunges

I decided for so reason im going switch back training for size. After hearing alot of people talking about reaching 200lbs, that is my new goal. Im also on a strength road… im hoping for all new maxes.


This Morning chest!

Bench press- slow with pause each rep
185lbs 5x5

inclind Dumbell Press- strick and slow!
130lbs* 5x5

*65lbs dumbell each hand.

This Afternoon Biceps!

barbell Curls-superset no rest besides changing the weith on the bar.
105lbs x5
95lbs x5
100lbs x3
105lbs x2

wide grip bb curls
95lbs 5x5

narrow grip bb curls
95lbs 5x5

Today was sweating and painful when I was doing biceps due to big bislters on my FINGERS that I got from working in this guys yard without no gloves… lol

wheres the workouts man? its been 7 days

hey Guys i havent posted on here for awhile but i have been workingout since monday but I took a break for easter holiday.


Bench press
190lbs 5x5

DB Inclind bench press

130lbs 5x5


Clean and Jerk!
135lbs x12
155lbs x5
175lbs 5x5
180lbs 2x5
185lbs x3

Wesnday -today!

Weighted DiPs!!! 45lbs plate strapped around my wasit from a belt.


inclind DB press- slow
120lbs 5x10

yesterdays workout


Curls barbell
95lbs x12
105lbs 5x5
115lbs 2x2

^^ light


Clean and Jerk
135lbs x20
155lbs x15
165lbs x12
175lbs x8
180lbs x4
185lbs x3
190lbs x1


I was Sick this morning so i didnt go to school but did workout. But with more of reps because I had no spotter and home alone.

I made me my own 300 workout!!

**30sec rest between each set!!= PAIN

Bench press-
135lbs x20
155lbs x10
180lbs x5

70 sec rest

Bench press-
140lbs x15
160lbs x8
190lbs x2

70 sec rest

Dips x 40


45lbs olympic bar x100


Dips x 25

45 sec rest

Bench press-
65lbs x25


Dips x25


Bench press-
75lbs x25

that equals 300!!!

I still might do biceps later but im already tried… lol But it was a good workout!

nice workout man, especially for feeling sick this morning. are you feeling better now?

Same day just an Add on.

Bicep barbell Curls
95lbs x10
105lbs 5x5
115lbs 5x3


I had 2 t-bone steaks last nite and loaded bake potato…it was good lol

My workout today was light because sore from yesterdays.

Hang Clean and Jerks
135lbs x10
155lbs 2x5

155lbs x12

225lbs 5x5
245lbs 2x5
265lbs x5
285lbs x2

^^ After that my back was actully getting tried…so that was it. Tomorrow might be light too. Might just do shoulders.


Dumbell Bench press
130lbs 5x12

Inclind dumbell press
110lbs 5x12

declind dumbell press
130lbs 5x12

with Little rest in between. Felt pretty good after like I did a good workout. Im already feeling.

I always try to do new exerises and programs every week to keep the soreness up to not let my body get used to any workout. It seems to be working great!



I wanted to work on POWER and speed so i did sum heavy military press WITH LITTLE CHEAT, just trying to go for speed of the bar with good balance.

Military press
135lbs 2x12
155lbs x8
165lbs x4
170lbs x4
180lbs x2
185lbs x2
190lbs x2
195lbs x1 <=had to lung alil lol
165lbs x6



Bench press

1 min rest between each set.

135lbs x20
155lbs x12
185lbs x6
190lbs x5
205lbs x3
215lbs x1
220lbs x1
165lbs x5

70 sec rest

135lbs x15

Woo…Military press the day before really took alot of the power and force out of my bench!

Welpz guys…i did the arm workout but part of it…

curls barbell-slow
110lbs 6x3

^^ was going for
10x3 but…

While in the middle of the 6 set i started having chest pains really bad once i finished my heart hurt soo bad everytime it beated. i lost my breah too. i got rushed to the hospital. NO WAIT IN THE ER ROOM!!!

WOOT WOOT but yeah, apparently being sick and working out hard takes alot on the heart. So tomorrow i got to do an echogram on my heart, to see if there is any damage. also im not suppose to workout for a week. until this all gets solved.

but now my voice is gone and im coughing up alot of brown crap…

Wow man, get better soon!

Way to push yourself but you have to listen to your body.