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LeBron James


This kid is obviously an amazing talent. But I find the size and power of this KID equally as amazing. Does anyone know the Lifting background of this KID. He's from Ohio right, I'd be interested if there is some Westside influence. 6'8 245lb amazing..


To tell you the truth, I don't think this kid does all that much when it comes to training. He is just an unbelievable natural athlete, those genetics give him what he has. I'm not saying he doesn't work hard on his game, all I'm saying is that he didn't get that athleticism from training.


I doubt he has touched a weight in his life. Kind of scary to think what he'd be like if he did, though.


He went to St Vincent St Mary right up the street from me. He also was a good WR in Football and a two sport athlete until his senior year when it just made sense to stop playing football. The cool thing about him is he is a normal guy. Not at all stuck on himself, a real good kid.


He is already in one of the best shapes in the nba, imagine if he had proper weight trainning and some qaulity roids in his body, the guy would be a monster.


He's really 28 years old. He used a fake birth certificate when he was 23(stating that he was 13) to get into high school ball and dominate like he did. The guy's really been training for years.


i dont think that 6'8, 245 is all that imprressive anyhow. i mean, if i was 6'8 id be like 400lbs.


I actually took care of him once for a sprained ankle 2 years ago while I was an Intern on an Orthopedics rotation. He does lift, but not real seriously, and he is definately down to earth. I actually wrote down the T-mag website for him, so he may be a lurker.


Sometimes I wonder about these guys. If you look at some of these basketball players, its hard to imagine they aren't juicing with the rest of them. James has the physique of someone 10 years older. Look at Jordan; skinny ass kid coming into the league and a lot larger towards the end. Check out baseball players. It doesn't take long to figure out what is going on when you look at a photo of Mark Mcgwire coming into the league at age 18 and then looking at a picture of him the year he retired. What about Sosa? Same thing. The juice is everywhere in sports; when the difference between winning and losing is that 10 lbs of muscle or that little bit of speed, it gets really tempting.

Not to knock the kid, he's clearly got natural talent and being 6'8" isn't a normal thing. I'm sure an 18-year-old with a Hummer and custom seats with "King James" emblazoned on them isn't going to go to his head. :slightly_smiling:


That type of logic drives me crazy. Do you really expect athletes to not change from the time they are 18? I've put on 20 pounds and grown over an inch from the time I was 18.

I'm not saying that steroids isn't a part of sports, but the logic of doing a before and after comparison of pro athletes who have access to professional trainers and nutritionists and/or chefs to decide who is juicing is ludicrious.

Have you seen Lebron play? He is a phenom. A once in a generation type of player. He has size, but more importantly, he has the skills that rival the best stars in the game. Being 6'8" and 240 in the NBA doesn't mean shit if you can't do something with it. This isn't a big kid beating up on high schoolers any more, this is a 18 year old with the poise and skills to dominate the league, no matter what his size.

If an athlete leaves the game as small as he came in, he dosen't deserve the money he earned.


I agree with Anderson. Although steriod use is apparent in much of professional sports I honestly don't see it being all that helpful in basketball.

Steroids aren't going to help him shoot with finesse or make smart decisions on defense. Sure out sizing your opponent is a factor but size certainly does not replace natural ability and a gift for the game.

Although he might not have had much strentgh training in high school I am sure he is on some sort of weight lifting program now. Combine that with his age and great genes and you've got the phenom that he already is, and ,barring any major injuries, will continue to be.


i was really skeptical about james' skill since he was dominating highschool leagues whereas someone like carmelo anthony was dominating college, which is an entirely different level of play. its good to see someone like lebron living up to they hype


I thought I read something that said that taking steriods at least in high amounts takes away some of the reactivity and elasticity of athletes. Doesn't sound like it would be very good for basketball players. I could be totally wrong though.


Anderson: give me a break. Mcgwire was on steroids like all the big hitters these days. Its one thing to "fill out" its another to gain 70 lbs. The difference in the photos is phenominal. The logic that drives you crazy is the simple logic that most professional athletes are on steriods. James could very well be natural; the most natural 19 year old 245 lb 6'8" athlete in existance.


Erika: With that angle, its probably moreso for baseball and yet a great deal of the players are juicing. What was it now? 14% were caught. You have to be stupid to get caught so that means its probably a lot more of a problem than a lot of people are willing to realize. Why would steroids be bad for basketball? Check out David Robinson. Ripped to ragdolls and huge; not Ronnie Coleman huge but huge nonetheless. We are talking about guys that are running all the time. Runners in general don't maintain a lot of muscle mass but that mass is great when going for the boards. People are right now "shocked" at how much smaller a lot of the baseball players involved in this little escapade have become. I'm sure they are just dieting.


The king is amazing! However I doubt he is natural.



No, I am well aware that pro athletes juice. The fact that they juice is not the issue here.

What drives me crazy is you and other people in the media doing a before and after picture comparison of an athlete who has been a professional for 16 years, admitted using prohormones, regularly weight lifts and using the picture comparison as proof that he was juicing.

Same thing with your example of Jordan. Jordan fills out and you think he juices because he is no longer a skinny 18 year old? Give me a break, the guy sat around for two years smoking cigars and weight lifting, no shit he was going to "fill out."

McGuire could have totally been juicing, it matters not to me. He is an end of one. I'm calling bullshit on your picture comparison. If they can't change their body in 16 years under the supervision of pro trainers, then they are worthless.

Even more so, these are guys who are pro athletes because they have great genetics and put in plenty of practice time. If you don't think an athlete with favorable genetics and 15 years of lifting can't change his body, well, why do you bother lifting?

McGuired juiced? I could care less. But don't become a victim of the picture police and look at a photo of some kid at 18, and tell me that because they don't look that way at 39 they were on steroids.


in my opinion i dont think much basketball players juice. why would you think lebron does? i know tons of college players and none even talk about lifting let alone using steroids/prohormones. ive seen a couple use creatine and thats about it. i think its a whole different situation for bball.


He's a freak. Don't waste any more of your time thinking about him, he is blessed and there's nothing more to it that that.