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LeBron James


You can't make this shit up. This guy is one of the finest athletes I've ever seen.


It was an amazing shot. But you really can't commend the Cavaliers or Lebron that much, they blew a 23 point lead! They should have never been in that situation to begin with.


I didn't watch the video yet, so I hope it doesn't make what I about to say moot.

I like the guy a lot.

Considering the pressure and fame he has, he is a gentleman and has been very professional in any interview I've seen (not a lot thought.)

He doesn't bring guns to strip clubs, beat up his chick, or any other stupid activity.

I wish him the best of luck, and hope he wins many banners for the city of Cleveland, god knows that city needs some winning teams.


Really bro? You can't commend LeBron? 35 pts. including one of the best game winners I've ever seen?

The Cavs maybe not, but you can't take anything from this guy. He's a machine.


lebron >>>>> kobe


I watched till halftime. Then saw WHAT HAPPEND THIS MORNING! The guy is amazing! BUT, Magic should win this!


You're telling me man.

I agree they shouldn't have been in that position to begin with. I'm more concerned about the Cavs making it to the finals than winning the finals should they get there.

Though I'm more worried that if the Cavs don't win the title this year, LBJ will be gone and Cleveland won't have a shot at a major sports title in another 50+ years...probably ever.


Great shot, great athlete.

I'm hoping and praying for a Kobe-Lebron finals showdown. Not trying to start a war here, but if I WERE to make a prediction, I would say that Kobe will show the world who's the best in the league.


.....is a badass.

King James pwns Kobe any day of the week and twice on sunday. Too strong, too big, too relentless. For god's sake, he outweighs most linebackers by 20 lbs, and with the speed and agility he has..

I'd give Kobe an edge on the outside though. All around, James beats him like a red headed stepchild. But this isn't the playground, so you really can't compare the two directly---it's a team game and I have concerns about the Cavs even though I want them to win. Lakers are a better team I think, or at the very least are not prone to blow defensive coverages and give easy scoring opportunities like the Cavs have been doing. Won't matter how many points Lebron scores if they keep doing that. Sooner or later it will catch them. I hope they fix it.


Enjoy it man. He's gonna be a Knick next year :wink:

And The Renaissance will begin...


Well hopefully we'll find out if Lebron can get his team outta the east finals. Kobe will be waiting.


Until then you can rewatch the two Cavs. Vs. Lakers games from the regular season when Kobe thoroughly shut down Lebron again, and again, and again.


Kobe's a great great defensive player. And obviously a beast offensively. Best in the league.


I give Lebron credit all day, it was clutch, defined. But that's all it was. A great shot. The Cavs are looking awfully pedestrian against the Magic thus far.

(Which, to be fair, the Lakers aren't looking much better against the Nuggets... who woulda thunk it?)


Except that no one realistically compares an 11-year vet who's already logged 1,000+ games (plus additional seasons worth of playoff games) with a 5-year vet just entering the prime of his career -- it's accepted that one has a distinct athletic edge, and that they're both transcendent players.

Worth mentioning that James and C Anthony credit Bryant with their improving their individual defense while they were all together in Beijing last year.


Both the Cavs and the Lakers should be starting to sweat. They're both a hair's width away from hitting the road down 0-2. If they don't pick it up over the rest of the series, they'll both get bounced.

As good as Kobe is, the bottom line is that he's on a level with Barkley, Malone, and Pippen. Not Magic, Jordan, or Bird. At his age, Kobe's only going to get worse as time goes on, and he just didn't make it to that best-of-the-best level.

LeBron is still so young that he's still two or three years away from his prime, and he's already at Kobe's (and Barkley's, Malone's, and Pippen's) level. He needs to win some rings and take it to another level to reach the Magic, Jordan, and Bird level, but he's got a shot.

And yes, I know Kobe has three rings, but he got them playing 2nd banana to Shaq. Since he's been "The Man", he just hasn't been able to take over and will his team to victory in the later rounds. That puts him on the 2nd Tier All-Time. The 1st Tier All-Timers carry their teams to NBA Championships, not Conference Championships.


I beg to differ about being a "great" defensive player.


Oops. Guess I was wrong (sarcasm). That video is FAR from inficative of Kobe's defensive abilities.

Even the best defensive players will mess up from time to time.


dude come on, Ben Wallace was nothing at the time. You're right about defensive players messing up from times to time. Yea, every now and than, the best will get dunked on or burned to the rim but what happen to kobe never happens. Not even with lousy defenders. Kobe looked like a fool and I expect him to make up for it tonight with a 40+ game. You heard it here first.


Watch the first minute and a half and tell me Kobe shut him down.