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LeBron James Hate Thread


I don't start many threads...so you know I feel pretty strongly about this one. I HATE this guy (I used to like him) and I think the hatred (an exaggeration really - he doesn't pay my bills so IDGAF) is well earned in his case.


The above for starters. I don't know where this guy gets career advice (I used to think Wes Wesley - who happens to be someone I grew up with and know and I don't think it's his advice. How many wrong moves and missteps can you make to fuck up a life where the world should be eating out of your hand? First, the awful "decision" - a made for TV abortion of his public persona. Then these 3 clowns in Miami dancing around like they won something already. Next, that awful passive aggressive whiny Nike commercial, where he muses repeatedly, "should I be what you want me to be"? And now this bullshit in his return to Cleveland, where apparently he cannot keep his mouth shut and just let his game talk - in other words, he cannot muster the class to return to the arena he burned down with his bullshit, protracted "decision", and just play ball and be humble.

This guy is an unadulterated jerk off.

The only "peer" I can think to compare him to is Michael Jordan (not in terms of accomplishment, but fame). MJ was not a likable character in his personal life. He tormented teammates, he had a gambling problem, he was notoriously arrogant, he cheated on his wife (most NBA players do), he was quite a shit talker on the court - in other words, MJ had his share of character flaws. However, he had the world eating out of his hand because he shut up when he needed to shut up (remember the Nike overseas labor controversy and the cost of his sneakers?) and played ball. And his handlers handled his image far more expertly than the collection of clowns that LB has surrounded himself with.

What a shame. All that talent - Body by Rolls Royce, and a mind made by Fischer Price.



What should I do? Should I respond? Should I just stick to deadlifting? What should I do?


BG you should check out the NBA thread... its pretty already a "I hate LeBron James" thread lol

Fuck that guy. I used to like him when he was with the Cavs but the whole "Decision" spectacle really showed what an ego maniac he is. I love how the heat are struggling right now.


hahahaha nice




I see what you did there...lol


For those who up til recently have been living under a rock:

the original

Cleveland's response

Michael Jordan's response (not really, just someone cutting bits from another commercial & combining the 2. Still my favorite)


I think most of the hate stems from jealousy. The kid is 25, has a multi million dollar empire built around him, has freakish athletic ability, and gets to play ball for a living.

I agree that he has made some bad decisions (pun intended), but overall he has done a pretty damn good job for a 25 year old whose every move is put under a microscope.

He's well spoken, lives within the law, stays away from drugs, and does a lot for the community. That is a hell of a lot better than the majority of athletes and public figures that fill the media these days.

I'll take Lebron's side on this one.


I knew we thought alike :slight_smile:


OMG you're brilliant! Not. Im a fan (as much as I can muster because I actually played a sport at a high level) for many other athletes...but lo and behold, I just realized I think this kid is a jerk off who has gotten terrible career advice because...because...I'm jealous!! oh thank you dr. Phil where do I send the check? It's in the mail.


Ha that made me laugh. Your invited to my birthday party, there will be party favors and a bounce house.

But seriously, I'm on Lebron's side.


Someone needs to rape Lebron, take him down a peg or two. Why do you think Micheal Vick is so much better now?


hahah yeah I get what you're saying about him not being in trouble and doing a lot for the community (like completely fucking it over when he left cleveland and all)

But I just dont like his entitled attitude. I dont like how he throws the coaches and his teammates under the bus when things are going bad. I guess thats whats going to happen when you grow up and have ZERO sense of reality. When you've had everyone in the world telling you that youre the greatest thing there ever was and nicknaming you "KING" when you're in highschool and havent won/done shit... You're not exactly going to be humble and down to earth lol.

Queen James still sucks (even though hes good at basketball)


because Vick is older, more mature, has much better coaching around him and the skill players on the Eagles are a lot better than who he had when he was with ATL.

You think Vick was actually raped in prison? No one touched him in his cushy jail where he could throw patterns to other inmates ever day to stay in football shape lol


True! Lebron is the LYING KING. FUCK Lebron James. He may be successful, and he may be 25 like some of us, but that doesn't excuse him from responsibility for his own words and actions. The man could go to whatever team he wanted...no one doubts that...its the way he did it....in his own egotistical, self-entitled way.

He is the kid that is rich/good looking/talented and flaunts it. Nobody likes people who aren't just not humble but over the top jerks to boot.

I have nothing against...him...lol I'm a Knicks fan...but you can't deny him being a prick...and his Quitness.


What a travesty! OMG, a player goes to a team that has a better chance of winning a championship!


I mean, come on. Who wants to win championships? Seriously. Why would you want to give yourself a chance at history when you can get knocked out of the first round of the playoffs again?!

You guys are so smart!


who said they were mad at him for leaving as a free agent to go to another team with a better chance of winning? That happens ALL THE TIME and its not that big of a deal... its HOW he left and under what circumstances he left that people dont like. (the fact that he quit on his team during the playoffs last year because of off the court issues, his hour long decision special to announce his new team instead of doing it at the press conference that morning where wade and bosh came on together to say bosh was coming to Miami... stuff like that)


FrozenNinja if he was with Amare in Ny would you like him?

And the only reason i dislike him is because of his athletic ability. So what if he left? I remmeber hearing this awhile back on espn but it was something along the lines of Akron hates Cleveland(think in essence of sports maybe like high school? I really hope some can clarify that. Its not his hometown and would you not want to go somewhere for a change?

And his Nike commercial is he not in the publics eyes even more now and more well known?


I get where you're coming from, but people take things WAAAY too far. The hour-long special was definitely ridiculous, but for all that I know ESPN had more of a hand in deciding to do it than LeBron himself... I mean think about the ratings.

Plus the media has mainly villianized LBJ which subconsciously puts people in a similar mentality.

Keep in mind I am NO fan of LeBron in any way, shape, or form. But to make an entire thread about hating on him?

...it's a little much, and it's silly. I would have done that in middle school probably.


Well I blame the media for making me think prison is all man sex and man rape. Also I like to assume the most ridiculous thing possible is what actually happened. If rape actually made people a better person we wouldn't need support groups.