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LeBron Gets Dunked On.....then Throws a Fit



The "king" apparently got dunked on by a college sophomore on a pick up game and turns into a drama QUEEN.


After snubbing Dwight Howard after the ECF, LeBron sure is coming up as being pretty spoiled. Likable when things go his way, unlikable when they don't. We're all witnesses, unless it's bad PR.


LeBron didn't have his 'supporting cast' duh!


If Shaq was there, this never would have happened.


He's just another Kobe.


what a sissy


Maybe they should start calling him "The king of Queens" lol. I love that show btw, and I'm waiting for the reruns at 5:00.


I did'nt know Lebron was so insecure. all he had to do was just dunk on him back, I mean as long as you play ball your gonna get dunked at least once, he shouldve just laughed it off.


little by little, Im starting to not like lebron.


You'll have to remind me when Kobe did anything like this. Demanding to be traded because your team sucks is not comparable at all.


I want that college sophomore to go to the NBA so he can dunk on Lebron multiple times.


Too bad LeBron confiscates the video.... That one would have been a fuckn hilarious viral video for sure. He doesn't want everyone see him cry and throw a fit like a dbag.


Until this year's Eastern Conference Finals, I had only seen Lebron on sportscenter. I had never watched a full game of his, only highlights.

I watched every game of that series and went to game 4.

I fucking hate Lebron.

He's a whiny sniveling cry baby bitch. After every play with any type of contact whatsoever , he turns to the ref and starts whining about not getting the call. He even lays on the ground and whines.

If a defender sneezes on Lebron while he has the ball, its a foul. He gets more non-calls than any player in the league right now. MJ got more non-calls, but he never, ever, ever whined the refs.

Shut your god damn mouth, quit bitching and just play basketball, Lebron.


I believe that shit goes to Dwayne Wade.


Hey, nomorewar, don't go throwing a death curse on him just yet!



let it go!! I got lucky.


No, Kobe just asks to have his teammates traded (see Bynum, Andrew). :wink:


Seriously though, there's all kinds of video of LeBron overcompensating lately.

I love that the Shaq trade isn't going to make any difference. The Cavs still aren't the team to beat in the East.



I was always saying how I liked him because he was a gentleman and carried himself with such maturity and didn't act like an asshole.

Way to make me look like an idiot Lebron.


And how exactly did he confiscate the video?

If I was just some guy there with a video camera I'd tell him to eat a dick, it's going on youtube.

I'm kinda confused as to how he got all the copies...


The video of you keeping your video would be as good as the original video you were keeping.