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Leben Tapped!


I'm not a fan of the crippler. But he clearly taped seconds before passing out! The ref. saw this and looked like he was gonna go in to stop it, but then pulled back and waited for leben to go to sleep! WTF!!!


No. He didnt actually tap. He tried 2 tap but couldnt as he passed out. The ref then split it up 2 secs later. The refs are only human.


dude. he clearly tapped.


It might not have been as clear from the ref's angle as from the tv camera's but he did tap.

The fight that lasted 7 seconds was pretty astounding. The one with the ginger that got the crap knocked out of him wasn't too bad either. Couture and Nogueira was spellbinding. That fight almost ended in submission a couple of times but Couture never tapped! He's well built for a 46yo and still holding his own in the ocatgon, no homo.


Minotaura dominated Randy. I got a lil nervous when they were exchanging standing up. Randy got in a couple nice shots to the face had me @ edge of my seat. But Nog held in there. Woulda been fun to see Minotauro submit Randy. I thought he had it twice. I would also love it if Dana let the old Pride Champs where the old blue pride gloves with the pink tape. Thatd be pimpn!


He didn't tap clearly enough for the ref to stop it, then he went out and it was academic. No problem with the reffing there.


After all the shit the refs were getting for a while about stopping fights early they seemed to have really turned around.

Watching the fight live I really doubted the guy was tapping. Ref did a good job.


Just read a report the other day where an anonymous fighter claimed that Leben hadn't trained at all and was back on the bottle. I'll see if I can find it.


Link please!




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who cares.. he deserves it for pissing on that dude's bed (lol-TUF-reference).


sure looked like he didn't train.. completely piss-poor performance.. i boycott UFC if he fights again, unless they feed him to brock/silva.