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Leben and Koschek Again?

Any think theres any chance of these two going at it again? I’ve always liked leben after his face turn (it was total drama, so we may as well use the wrestling term) and I’ve always hated Koschek even after he improved his style from straight lay n pray.

At this point Koschek is better in his weight class than leben is in his, but what are the odds one of them moved? Say if koschek beats alves but hten gets tooled by GSP (or penn if he’s the one with the MW belt by then) would he go up a class like franklin? If leben can’t get a shot at Silva - or if he doesnt want to get KO’d for the 3rd time in two fights against Silva - with his frame would he be able to get down to 170?

Anybody think there’s any chance of this?

I’m definitely not a fan of Koschek or Leben. I wouldn’t mind seeing that fight, though. Sometimes it’s nice to dislike both of the fighters. You get to watch them inflict pain on each other. It’s a win-win situation.

Leben has always looked a little soft around the edges. I don’t think he’d have too much of a problem getting down to 170. He’d probably be better off in that weight class.

Only happens if Koschek decides to move up…Leben was walking around at 225 a couple of months ago (a pretty solid 225 too) These fighters are a bit bigger than you guys think they are.

Koscheck is a punk. I"ve never liked him in the least. I’d love to see Leben whip his ass and knock that blonde fro off his head.

I think this weekend’ll be the only time i’ve rooted for alves. Nothing against him, just didnt really like him much. almost anyones better than koschek tho

Koschek is the new Tito Ortiz sans the skill and charisma

true, but he was and is still an asshole.
what he did on tuf to leben was so wrong on
many levels. personally i’d like koschek and leben fight again, two men enter one
man leaves kind of thing and i would bet on

I think Leben is probably Thiago Alves #1 fan right now.

christ thiago did work

i mean www.dowork.com style… he did work.

[quote]Xen Nova wrote:
christ thiago did work

i mean www.dowork.com style… he did work.[/quote]