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Leaving the Country-Cell Phone?


leaving the country soon and I've heard the stories of people racking up thousands of dollars by simply checking their email.

I have an iPhone with AT&T, anyone have an idea of what I can do so that I can use my phone without jacking up my bill?


Check with them to see if they offer an international plan and phone ... my gf just did this through verizon and they sent her a phone compatible with European frequencies and she got a really good plan for the week she was there

Just make sure you don't leave your car unlocked one night after you get back in a bad neighborhood and have someone steal the phone...that won't be good at all


AT&T only has two "world phones" the most expensive blackberry, and... the iphone... when I was getting my new plan I asked because I travel to europe and asia for work. Basically, your iphone will work anywhere cell phones work...

However, to keep from getting an insane bill, call AT&T tell them what your doing, and get the international plan added... its something like twenty bucks a month, you can turn it off and on as needed so turn it on a day or two before you leave, and a day or so after you get back... I am not sure if the international plan covers data like email and what not, but it does cover phone calls and texts... if you go to a store or call them they can help with what will be the most cost effective...

hope that helps...



I can help, I dealt with this when going to Europe. The thing that kills you, is the international roaming. I got a global plan for 1 month (which I think was $100 for that month), and then switched back to my regular plan when I got back home. The international roaming cost me about $300 for the month, what you might want to do is use an internet cafe to check your email. The thing that scares me is that you don't know how secure those places are.

I would call ATT and ask them what their rates and policies are for international travel, it also will depend on where you are going. Some places are more expensive than others, just tell ATT you don't want a nasty bill and how to avoid that when traveling. As far as using the phone, you might want to consider buying an international calling card for your calls.


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