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Leaving Shoulder Workout Bad or Good?


I remeber reading an article about benching and rows hitting your shoulders enough that you dont need to do any direct work on them but what I wanted to know is leaving shoulder work out bad or good?


If you want a particular muscle to be large and impressive, train it.
There's no way benching and rowing alone are going to hit your lateral delts enough for any serious growth. You won't get impressive shoulders without impressive lateral delts.


where did you read that? Cosmo?


Charles Poliquin has "some" of his workouts based around that thinking if I am not mistaken.


Let's rephrase this question and ask again - "Is better shoulder development really worth the extra effort?"

'enough' is the dumbest word ever invented.


Yes, but I think he does because "overhead" athletes (basketball or volleyball players) have too much overhead work for their sport.

For aesthetic purpose (and shoulder balance), it's better to do some overhead pressing (and some later delt work too).