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Leaving My Gym


Due to recent developments, which I can't go into detail about, I'm going to be soon canceling my gym membership. So I'm in the process of getting enough equipment to get by with for the forseeable future.

Budget is a major factor, and I've decided to go ahead and pick up a 300 Lb. weight set tomorrow, Sports Authority has them on sale for $99. I'll pick up some more 45 plates next month too. I've also found an inexpensive(cheap I know) Power Rack for $178 bucks at Academy, that even has a pulley attatchment. I checked it out, it won't last more than a few years of use, but for that money it's worth it to me; plus I was looking at the way it was put together and I think I can buy some stronger hardware to lock it all together nice and solid.

I will also get a plain flat bench as well within a month or two. I already own a uskettlebell that I also use, as well as a set of adjustable spindle dumbells that will go up to 80 lbs a piece.

I'm really looking forward to lifting at home and having everything I really need. Suggestions on anything else for the budget-savvy home gym?


adjustable bench?

lately a power rack, bench and barbell is all I have been using. I think you can do just about everything with that.


Are you into GPP stuff? If so, there are cars you can pull/push...sand bags you can lift over your head...sleds you can make really cheap...


That's lately all I've been using also, that's why I think I'll be able to keep up my routine just fine with the basics.


I just did the same and got a hell of a deal at Academy, I bought the exertec bench and squat rack with a 300 set of plates for 160.00. The bench does all the incline and decline as well as having a leg curl and preacher attachment, not too bad. Where are you at in Texas?



i'd get a set of dip bars personally - and a belt for adding weight for dips and chins... but that's really not necessary if you choose to do close-grip bench.

get some big pink stability balls, i hear they can make you huge with chisled abs AND they can really pull together some garage feng shui.

wait wait, i take it back, that may not be the key to ripped abs...


If you're really strapped for cash just pick up some tires. Smaller car tires make a nasty sled (just strap plates on top of it). Larger tires (700+) are decent for gpp, if you've got the room. Sledehammers are also invaluable (wrist work, and gpp). Powerblocks look nice, but I can't vouch for them as I've never used them. Also, check out everything by John Brookfield. Most of his strength training stuff can be done for under 20$.


Go to a feed and tack store and get some rubber matting for your flooring. It makes a big difference.

Get a set of light dumbells and a set of heavy too.

I have been training in my garage for a year now -- it has been great.


For the love of God get a good quality bar! I bought one from Dicks Sporting Goods and now its bent and warped.


The bar is bending, so you're not pretending? :wink:


Bands. Cheap and usefull.
Just curious- Has the amount that you are spending passed the price of a gym membership yet?
I could never bring myself to justify a gym membership when equipment cost less and you get to keep it.


Well, it isn't the money. I really need to spend more time at home due to personal reasons, and both myself and my wife will be using the equipment. But yeah, I've always wanted a power rack and weight set to have at home. I work at home alot, so I could GTG front squats and deadlifts! :smiley:


I'd go for an adjustable bench if you can swing it. I also use 5 gallon jugs for some things as well (water is almost free and at 8.5 pouns/gallon). The only other accessory that I would think of is the pic. They call it chin bar.

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