Leaving for Italy Wednesday - The Hell With My Diet, Workouts, etc.

Lasagna, wine, repeat for 10 days. I will gain 8% body fat, lose all strength, lose my testicles, whatever, who cares!

Anyone been to the Amalfi coast, have suggestions on towns to visit?

Never been to the coast, but if you’re going to Rome, Venice, or Siena, I can give you some great restaurant ideas- have fun- I’m jealous!

Watch out for the gypsies. ESPECIALLY THE KIDS. Don’t keep any money in your pockets.

As for the food you’re gauranteed to gain at least a pound a day.

Have a blast. The weather should be about perfect in the southern part of the country at this time of year.

I lived in Italy for a bit. You are right to say to hell with your diet. They are very heavlily carbed based, but the food is good. I wouldn’t woory to much about wieght gain, you’ll walk so much you probably won’t retain a pound. Never been to the coast, but if you happen to stop by Milan, make your way to 57 Margera. The best restaurant in Itally in my opinion. It is located in the section of town called Di Angeli and is a half block away from the subway stop call “Di Angeli” on the street named “Via Margera” (though itallians are not fond of street signs). It is on the red line when you look on the subway map.
The gypsies are really bad in Italy. Lock up your important papers in the hotel safe, if possible or hide them really well. My chosen method for traveling around was to take one credit card, one bank card, and cash and keep them in your front pocket. If you carry your wallet with you I promise you will not have it long.
Point and shoot cameras are your best bet. If you have nice camera gear, search out what you want to shoot first and then go back and shoot it. I would not tool around with camera equipment.
Italians are not the type of people to just walk up to you and start talking. If some one does, they are a gypsy. Say “Via!” if you have to, push them away. Watch out for groups of childern as well, they will crowd you and empty your pockets. I carried an umbrella many times. It is a handy weapon in a pinch, works well on gypsies.
Just some travel tip from someone who spent some time in italy. Aside from the gypsies, it will be a blast. The italian people are not as oppressed as we are. You can do what you want.
Oh yea, try the gelato, italian icecream is really, really good.

Italy is a great country. I spent four months studying there. Pat, I’m impressed by you knowledge of Milan, where I actually lived. The key is to try and blend in as much as possible. Don’t look like a stupid tourist. They are going to pray on the easy targets. If you aren’t out looking stupid or out by yoursef, you shouldn’t have a problem. I’ve heard that the Italians are the biggest wusses in the world (yes, even worse than the French), so don’t be afraid of giving one of them a shove. Walk around like a t-man and you shouldn’t have any problems. The coast where you are going is probably going to be pretty touristy and you shouldn’t run into as many gypsies as we’re all warning you about.

One last piece of advice, do not exchange currency here in America. Wait until you get to the airport then hit the ATM. You get the best rates and you can find them even more often than here in America. Every currency exchange place is a rip off for tourists.

Thanks for the replies folks.

Not sure if we’re hitting Milan, but I will definately check out that restaurant if we do.

I am meeting a friend who lives in Florence, and who speaks servicable Italian, so she should get us out of “stupid tourist” status - plus, we are sticking to the areas off of the tourist map (we have a car to drive from Rome, so we’ll be tooling around wherever we decide to).

I’ll watch out for the flocks of children, and flying babies, etc. Definately not carrying a wallet. And I bought a canon elph camera, the size of a pack of cigarettes, just for the occasion.

And I will be very upset with myself if I don’t gain at least 5 pounds. It would mean that I underachieved, and that is not something I am into.