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Leave Heavy Bag Up All The Time?

Okay, I know this is going to sound like a stupid question. Can I just leave my heavybag up? Or should I be taking it down after every workout?

It depends on how it is supported. If you are living in an apartment, I dont know how you would keep it from bringing down the ceiling. If you live in a house, attaching it to the support beams will weaken the supporting walls and cause the room walls to start cracking (personal experience).

When I had my house built, I had the contractor build a angle iron support in the basement, attached to the concrete floor, independent of the floor joists. This way all the movement of the heavy bag will be separate from the house supports. Funny, you should post this, the military hung a heavy bag in an aircraft hangar recently and the weight from the constant movement started causing the weak aluminum supports to buckle. If you rent a place, be wary, you will be responsible for the damage and support damage repair is expensive. As far as damaging the bag, if it is good quality, no, leave it up.

Thank you for the advice. I have it attached to an I beam in my basement. It is an outslayer. I was worried about the filling sinking to the bottom.

My first bag was weighted with sand. I would sometimes have it down and leave it up side down until next putting it up, to redistribute the sand. It helps to in this position pick it up and sort of bounce it up and down, and then let the sand settle.