Leave Gear in Syringe for a Day?

Hello everyone,

I’m on my first cycle and I had a problem today:
I wanted to do the usual glutei injection but I think I hit a nerve and got an anxiety Attack. I pulled out and stopper everything. I left the gear in syringe (test e) and here are the questions:
Can I stil use It tomorrow?
Is there any problem in shifting the injection from monday to tuesday? I’m doing 2inj/week monday and thursday

Thanks in advance

I am a newb but speaking from the point of common sense.

Do you have the gear in place to replace the dose if you throw it out? Needles and syringes are like 25 cents at walgreens. When you attempted your injection, did you break skin with that needle? If that needle even touched skin, I would be trashing that needle. You dont want to mess around and get an infection over a couple dollars.

No, I don’t have any extra for replacing the dose.
Here is what happened: I got test in the syringe, changed needle and tried to inject, I hit the nerve and pulled out immediately. I capped back the needle and left everything in a cold space. Now, if I change the needle again can I use the test that is in the syringe or It is contaminated? It’s an enanthate from sp

Should be no problem if you use a fresh needle and theres no blood in the syringe (from aspirating maybe)

What the fuck, don’t use steroids.