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Leave Britney Aloooooooone!


This is the single best, and freakin hilarious, evidence on why we need more testosterone in the world. Emo kids piss me off, he he.



HOLY FUCKING DOGSHIT!!!!! that was unspeakable, and the tag up top says its a guy. On a different note I thought Brittany Spears looked fucking hot with a little extra weight.
Emo, its like goth, for pussies.


I am more than pissed that I can't listen to this at work. The video itself is priceless. I can't wait to get home to listen and laugh at the whining.


How does that kid not get beat up every day of his life?


Part of me wants to laugh and write that kid off as a little douche-nozzle. Another part of me deeply pities him, as five years from now, he'll look back in shame.

Still, though, what a douche.



Best quotes:

"Anyone who messes with britney will have to deal with me" lol

"her song is called give me more, its called that for a reason, all u people want morE moRE mORE MORE MORE!" -chill out dude

"your're lucky she even performed for you bastards" lol



"If any of you have a problem with Britteny, you answer to me!"



And if he's 10 feet away from you holding a machine gun, what are you gona do, tough guy? The skinny guy is just as strong as the muscle man now; we're living in 2007, not in your apparent stone age.

BTW, did it ever occur to any of you he might just be joking, like almost all videos on the internet are anymore?


WTF is wrong with kids these days? This is the reason I am Pro Choice.


Uhm, What?


He said "Ha!" as if it was funny the kid said you can answer to me. Well yeah it might seem funny looking at it over the internet cuz he looks weak and like that's no threat at all, but when he pulls up with a gun to your face it won't be so "ha!".


I'm at a loss on this one. If that's an act, then DAMN! That's some good acting. If not, then there must not be enough shit for kids to do with their time. "Hardcore fan" is a term that comes to mind.


Well what else are you supposed to say when something is funny?


Uhhhhmmmm... WHAT?!?

That child couldn't even lift a machine gun. It is not possible to consider such a creature a threat to anyone. You did watch the video, right?


yeah, did you watch the columbine video from the inside? those kids weren't exactly T-Nation size now were they, but they got the job done.


OMFG!!! That was hilarious!




There was another one of him on youtube, and I think it's pretty safe to say that, even after 5 years, he might still be exactly like this. The walls of his room are completely plastered with magazine covers, printed off pictures, etc. all of britney. it's one of the scariest things i've ever seen.


I've been trying desperatly for the past 30 minutes to get it to play.

I don't think my day will be complete until i see this video.


is that a boy or a girl?