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Sorry to be off topic but does anyone here use the Leatherman Multitools? It’s just that i was wondering which one to get and am deciding between the PSTII and the Wave.

I’d go for the Wave. Better yet, go to the Gerber web site (gerberblades.com) and build your own multi-tool.

Yeah, I have a Wave. I really dig it, but it was a gift. If I had a choice I would either order a custom one from Gerber or buy a Gerber at a sporting goods store. Gerber’s quality is really tough to beat, and the price is comperable to a Leatherman.

I’ve already got a Supertool & it kicks ass. I’m gonna get one of those weenie ones to put on my keychain in place of my little Swiss Army knife.

Yea, the Micros are cool. BTW, you can choose your colors and tool combos for the Gerber at their site. You can even get black tools with a bright yellow handle- T-mag colors!

Thanks guys…but i dont think i can order the custom gerber as i live outside the US (in Australia)…but thanks for clearing upsome misconceptions…a had always thought that leatherman was the best supertool …especially after reading the reviews on knifecenter…http://www.knifecenter.com/knifecenter/leatherman/opinion.html…but i’ll check out the gerbers…

I prefer the bucktool however it depends on your usage.