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Leather Wrist Straps


I like to use wrist straps for deadlifts so that I can use a double-overhand grip on heavy sets rather than mixed grip. The problem is that the cotton straps only last a few months before fraying and wearing out. The knurling on my bar is pretty sharp, and there's usually a fair amount of chalk around as well, which probably doesn't help.

Does anyone who has used both cotton and leather straps have an opinion to share on whether the leather straps are likely to last longer? Are there any other advantages/disadvantages to the leather straps?


I haven't used leather.

I've found the Harbinger straps to be much longer-lasting than your experience with, I presume, other straps. They are also more comfortable.


Haven't tried leather ones either, but I have the Spuds & the APT's. Both of them are of very high quality.


I used to have bad ass set that I had made out of a heavy duty ratchet strap material. Stuff would grip and not fray out to shit. Some fucker stole them and now I'm stuck with my old leather ones. Leather straps took a while to break in IME. Other than that, throw some chalk on them and they will weld you to the bar.


Cotton straps are supposed to fray. That doesn't mean they are worn out. You would have to have razors in your wrists to "wear out" cotton straps that easily. I think I kept the same pair for about 3 years back when I used them regularly.


Spuds are good, a little wide maybe, but I got used to them quickly.


APT with the nylon reenforcment are great. I have never used leather but after going through at least 2 pairs a year of cheap straps the slightly more expensive APTs have worked awesome. Get them with the padding though, because the nylon will rip the skin on your wrists to pieces.


I typically go through a few pairs of the cotton ones every year, they're pretty damn cheap, or even free if you occasionally order from certain online supplement sites. I did try a pair of leather ones years ago. They seemed thinner than the cotton ones, and took a little getting used to wrapping around the pair, but they held tight as anything.



I would advise against leather straps. I initially chose leather over cotton straps as I used the logic that leather straps would be more durable, which I'm sure they probably are but they are also very thick.

I actually am able to hold less weight with leather straps than with no straps at all. They're too thick essentially making the barbell a thick bar.

Biggest waste of money I've spent on a lifting related product.


These things are a Godsend for heavy deadlifts etc. when your grip is just wearin out these save the day.


ironmind straps or APT...

I haven't seen leather straps before, so i can't really comment on them....

Those are ironmind straps...if the shipping isn't too bad to scotland, I think they're worth the $10...APT is just as good imo


Never tried leather straps before... I get mine from APT. The superheavy-lifting variant is quite thick though, so if you're a beginner then those will likely hinder you more than help you.

Get whatever is roughly appropriate for your strength levels... APT can make customized ones for you with all kinds of extras (sorry, no beer-bottle holder).

APT ones are hard to kill... They'll probably laster longer than you yourself :wink:


Friend of mine had a pair made by one of those show repair joints you see in the mall. Cost him $15, I believe. They are longer and grip better than my standard issue straps. Using them on heavy shrugs, they were good for an extra 2-3 reps. I'm going to have a pair made. 1 1/4" seems to be a good width.