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Leather Jacket Contest- Let the Games Begin!

Okay, here it is. After many hours of deliberation (well, a few minutes
at least), we’ve come up with our finalists. First, a few points: there
were lots of good suggestions, and while I appreciate and respect the
offers some of you made to dramatically change your physiques, we’ve
done that before. This contest is for yucks, and possibly to get some
publicity for T-mag.

Now, on to the finalists. I've picked four. However, probably only one jacket will be awarded. Whoever best fulfills their promise will get the jacket. Rest assured, though, the others, should they come through, will get some cool stuff, too.

Here they are: Bobby, who wants to pull a bus loaded with football players and cheerleaders.

Akicita, who's offered to get ten strippers to wear T-mag shirts and do a giant table dance.

Bobby Z, who's offered to walk around Manhattan in his speedos with Testosterone written on his chest. (Bobby, a couple of modifications, though. I'd like you to wear some silly underwear insteand of some crotch enhancing Speedo. Second, you must walk in front of the window where Good Morning America does its broadcast.)

Michelle, who sort of offered, but was actually coerced, into getting 11 topless friends together for a picture, each one with a letter from the word Testosterone written on their chest.

If an 11th hour suggestion comes in, I might add that one in, too.

Lastly, we need proof! Bobby and Bobby Z, we need video proof. As far as the other two, video or photos are required (Akicita, a video would be nice, but I don't know if the club would permit it). And, we'd like to see these tasks acccomplished in the next 3 weeks (by the August 31st).

Now, go out and make us proud (sort of).

I believe us loyal readers have a right to see the pictures of proof as well. Especially the the strippers and topless women ones. Thank you.

I second Scott’s idea! We want to see these pics. And if something like the above presents itself to me, I will go ahead and do it up T-style!

I think you should have these ‘vidoes’ available for download when you are finished. Also the photo’s too.

As much as I would love that jacket, I just couldn’t come up with anything.

Consider it done TC. I will probably do it sometime next week (I have to research location, times, etc). I will also have to get one of my boys to agree to follow me with a video camera. This will be a little tough considering the event will have to take place at 7:00 am on a work day.

On the day of the big event I will make sure I am wearing goofy underwear and I will attempt to get some interviews with some hot chicks on their way to work (I’ll use the questions from the Gang O Babes column). And when the GMA cameras are on look out…i’ll jump around like a madman with “Testosterone” printed somewhere on my body! I will give you a warning the day before I plan on crashing GMA so that you guys can see it live on TV. (My parents would be so proud).

Bobby, you may have to get there much earlier to get a spot. I’ve heard that many of those crazy people who try to get on camera end up getting there at 5 or 6 a.m.! So get there early so you can get a nice close spot! That’ll be sweet! Maybe they’ll interview you. Bring an extra Testosterone T-shirt so you can give it to one of the people working!

Two questions–would a snapshot of the event be enough to win it for me? You’re right about the video not being allowed (I already checked).

Second, if I set this up, do any of you T-dudes have an extra shirt I could borrow to get my collection of ten? Heck, I’ll even return them to you, fresh from the photo shoot.

Guys, I fully intend to run photos or even possibly video loops if they turn out nice!

Akicita, send me your address again (to my personal e-mail) and I'll have the shirts sent out. And yes, photos will suffice (but a video would be nice). Extra points if you get the girls to do unspeakable things to each other!

Bobby Z, A fan of Opie and Anthony got in front of the “Today Show” window looking innocent. She had a raincoat on, and when the camera panned across, she spread the jacket and had her bare tits out with WOW (for whip em out wednesday) written under them. It was a calssic moment as they went from her tits straight to Matt Lauer and Katie Couric, they saw what happened, and Katie Couric was in shock and laughing. IF you wanna see the video clip, its on their website- foundrymusic - you add the com extension. I highly recommend seeing it, its hilarious! If you get the T-Mag logo on one of thows shows live, you are the fuckin man!

To ensure you’re not removed from the filming by crew or cameramen selectively avoiding a semi-naked psycho, a big coat is going to have to be employed. You won’t get filmed otherwise. After ripping the coat off, do you thing around the city! I can’t wait to see the photos. It would be awesome if we could get downloadable GMA footage of the event!

nothing will get more guys to visit t-mag more than strippers, i vote for the female acts!

“…into getting 11 topless friends together for a picture, each one with a letter from the word Testosterone written on their chest.” — well, I reread the post, and I don’t recall the ‘chest’ stipulation, but hey all I can do is try, right??? Damn it, i want that jacket! laugh we’ll see!!! so, three weeks, huh? hhhmmmmmmmm…

Thanks for all of the suggestions. The only problem with wearing a big overcoat is that it is over 95 degrees here and wearing a coat would look very suspicious. Don’t worry…I will figure something out.
I will also research which show I would have a better chance of getting shown on (Good Morning America or Today)

Michelle, good luck with this one. I really want to see that.

As I stated before, I would really like to see 12 hot chicks with Testosterone spelled out. I have an idea, not only will she get a leather jacket but T-Mag can finally start producing the Baby Doll T-Mag shirts that they have been asking for. Michelle, if that isn’t incentive I don’t know what is. If you don’t want to show your faces I suggest 12 Thongs or bare assed, the Letters could be written right at the small of the back. Ah…

That makes two of us!!! Honestly, I’m not having an easy time of it (thanks for the idea cy!!! :stuck_out_tongue: ) There are only 20 people on my team and convincing over half of them to do this has been …challenging… I did consider doing the entire thing myself and then putting it together in photoshop, but I was advised that even TC would notice that all 12 of us looked the exact same!!! grin

12 thongs I could probably do…ok, well, I have a better chance at 12 thongs anyway… TC?

God Bless the Thong and the sports bra. OR…you could get the crazier girls to do the chest thing whereas the more timid girls do the thong thing. If it were me I would have the nice asses with the thongs and the larger breasts with the chest writing. Yes I am a pig but I love the female form. TC, you are the man for thinking this up. The possibilities are endless. If Michelle does come through you could have some doctor up the photo and make it really cool, ta da, you have yourself a new T-Mag desktop. I am going to have a lot of trouble waiting three weeks for this.

I’m thinking a see-through style thong. But then again, I guess we only get to see one side.