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Leather Converse v. Fabric Converse

Has anyone used the leather version of Converse Chuck taylors for Squatting? I was wondering if they were just as stable? or whether I should just stick with the Fabric version.

Option A: Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Leather High Top Black Monochrome 1t405

Option B: Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Shoes (M3310) Hi Top Black Monochrome

Ok, this is embarrassing, but thet truth this is not quite a performance issue, its just i think the leather looks “cooler”, but i don’t want to get them if they will be less stable for squatting.

If you want to squat in a flat sole, Adidas Superstars are more stable, much higher quality, and look better.

Not a big deal, though, as long as the sole is hard and there’s no energy dissipation, and they fit right, you should be fine.

So what is wrong with squatting bare footed? Or si it just illigal to do so?

Sweaty feet happen whilst squatting barefoot.

And leather will be more likely to stink like ass quicker than the fabric.

I don’t think they would be less stable.
And the best pair of converse I ever had were the ones made out of hemp and had metal tips on the shoelaces. you should check those out.

yeah the hemp is cool. fabric usually work best because they dont get stinky funky as fast. even my leather weightlifting shoes are suede so they can breathe. the leather chucks are finished leather, and wont breathe as well.