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least fem roid

i just got out of the army and decided that i wanted to turn into a monster. i did a 4 week cycle of ty d-bol and was extremely impressed with the results i got, 2 inch gain in arms and i inch gain in chest, but was a lil sketchy with one thing. the area around my nipples got soft. you cant tell when my nipples are hard but when soft i notice. a few of my roid taking friends say im out of my mind but i dont wanna get a bad case of bitch tits. whats the best roid to take that has the least amount of this?

Find the “Steroid Newbie Thread” (use the search engine).

Read it.

You may also want to read up on ancillaries or training bra’s - either one will work.

Shit dude, You did’nt mention Anti-E`s or anything you are gonna get flamed…Let offer some help,go to the search engine on the left and look up Seriod newbie thread…

Eggs, including the yolk.

Read up the FAQs, but in a nutshell I’d vote trenbolone - best mass builder of the non- aromatisables.

With proper use of anti-E’s even with the most aromatizing steroids you can avoid most of the issues. To be even safer use something that doesn’t aromatize at all.
But do alot of reading before even considering a cycle. In particular anti-e’s e.g. arimidex, letrozole, nolvadex, clomid.

I still vote eggs. He has, according to his bio, only been working out for 1 year. At that training age, cholesterol is the best steroid.

ive been only working out for size for about o year. while in the army it was an induarance work out every morning. everyother day was a 6-8 mile run and the other days were doing pushups and situps type exercises untill muscle failure was achieved. i want to thank everyone for your imput on my question. while looking through the forums i found a guy who has the same symtoms that i have (softness around the nipples untill nipples are stimulated or cold) and alot of people told him it was probably jus water retention of baby fat. is there any truth in this?

Vince Gironda claimed that 36 eggs (with yolks) per day would yield steroid-like results. You should try this.

yes it could be retention but dont rule out the possibility of bitch tits, increase your fiber, take more flax and use something like M if you are cheap or use novaldex( get the right amount prescribed by a doc, besides a doc will let you know if its actually Gyno or just retention) if you wana be totally safe.

36 eggs! ouch!

lol tenman. are those to be injected IM or subq?

If you dont have any itchyness or tenderness of the nipples it probably is water. fat does not go away when your cold! lol Nolvadex or arimidex are my choices for anit-estrogens. Dbol only cycles are a lot of water retention so you will lose a lot of your new found size fairly rapidly once your done with your cycle. tren is a good one.

yeah drago i thought i was gonna loose alot of size when i came off too but i was surprised. i gained 2 inches on my arms and only lost a little more than an 8th. 3 inches on my chest and no loss at all. ive been off for almost 3 weeks now. i read an article on here saying that a healthy cycle would be 3 weeks on and 8 weeks off. the short cycle limits the loss after you get off the cycle and the 8 weeks off insures that all liver and test levels have returned to norm and receptors are strong once more. it also said that such a short cycle almost totaly eliminates the possibility of side effects like gyno, baldness ect… yeah it might take alot longer to gain huge amounts but better safe than sorry right. or was this article a crock?

sorry that last posting was torwards mdc not drag.