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Least Estrogenic SERM and Fulvestrant


Men have smaller hips than women and broader chests. I'd say small hips are awesome because they create a V shape upper body, which is the masculine silhouette. I think that's what makes bodybuilders from 40 years ago look so different than today's pro-BBers. Just look at Ronnie, his hips are as wide as his shoulders, he's a veiny tube.


This post is a joke right??

First you imply that Ronnie is a current bodybuilder, he's not. Look at pictures of Coleman in 2002 and tell me what you see. I'll show you one. Real huge hips, huh??

Second you imply that you know that Ronnie Coleman uses nolvadex and I guess you also know what amount he uses/used

Third you make the glaring error when you equate an increase in bone density with an increase in bone size. Do you not see the problem there? Do you know what density is (how density is calculated)? If someones bones were to get more dense AND larger (what you've said) the person's bones would have to add a significant amount of mass.


And a bodybuilder from 40 years ago.


You're right, I'm also worried about estrogen effects in the brain and other places. I have no idea how much nolva ronnie uses. I read somewhere proBBRs stay on cycle all the time. I'd guess he needs lots (he's definitely still on a TRT type cycle at least) to prevent titties.

I like the science of steroids. This is more of a theory question, I wouldn't change a cycle because of it if I were to do one. Nonsteroidal AIs would prevent estrogen everywhere, assuming the user isn't totally shutdown. I'm also trying to find an endocrinology text about sex hormones if anyone has any recommendations.

Also, has anyone heard of someone trying fulvestrant? I wonder what it's like, that drug is hardcore.


What are you rambling on about?