Least Chance of Hairloss -> Mast or Proviron?

Really want to add Mast or Proviron, to a test cycle, for the sexual and mood effects.
But, I am 39 and have MPB. My previous cycle was test / Var and I experienced hairloss and thinning from that.

So, Mast or Proviron are likely to cause me hair issues if test + var did?

They both are terrible. You should steer clear if that is a concern.

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Embrace it my friend!!! You can’t hold on forever. #1 on the shaver is what i’m living with after I realized the thin hair doesn’t look so good. I look better now at 45 with that then 35 and thinning hair.


Ditto. I actually love a my fully shaved head. I used to buzz it but now I bic it clean and it’s very refreshing feeling.

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I’m not quite ready for the bic yet. I’m still in the final stage of denial!!! :rofl:

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ok guys, thanks for the replies. I want to do all possible to try retain my hair for another year or two. So will steer clear of mast and proviron. Any other options for something that brings that feel good factor without hairloss?