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Learning to Type


I'm starting school in a few weeks here and I have decided it would be a good idea to learn to properly touch type instead of the index finger pecking I do now.... Right now i'm doing these exercises - http://www.typing-lessons.org/lesson_1.html . For those that have have learned to type do these seem like good exercises ? What have you found effective in learning to type?

It's funny because I can probably type close to 40wpm with my current method but i'm now forcing myself to type properly and this is taking me all day...

Advice ?



When I was younger I learned to type just by talking to people on aim a lot.. I don't know if its exactly textbook proper typing but I and fairly proficient in my opinion. Just type a bunch and your fingers will naturally find where they're supposed to sit etc..


It is a lot easier to type with two hands, instead of the contemporary method of one hand on your johnson, and the other on the keyboard. Try that first.


I'm showing my age but.... We had a video game which taught us how to type. It was a space game like asteroids that would have letters floating at you and you had to type the correct letter or die. That was 8th grade circa 89-90 that and Oregon Trail, monochrome screen and lousy graphics and we loved it you whipper snappers have it easy lol. On the useless bit of info though the qwerty keypad the logest word you can type with the top row is typewriter


Time in front of the computer..Never done any lessons or anything but I could type quickly with my eyes closed. Just practice typing things, learn where the letters are


oregon trail=best game ever. that and mario brothers 3 and madden '94.


tons of games. One I recall is a zombie shooter which is lots of fun. Your walking around dungeons blowing away zombies by the word on their chest or face or whatever.

go for it. Fun AND educational


oregon trail and where is carmen sandiego was the shit back in middle school.


I didn't learn how to type until I was almost 30. Just practice. Instead of doing lessons, get online and chat up a bunch of people - that'll help increase your speed (but not necessarily your accuracy LOL). It really isn't that hard.


I need to do lesson because I can already type fairly quickly but the thing is that I only use 4 fingers... I want to learn to type correctly so I get really fast.


A while back when I was learning how to type I used this program by Mavis Beacon. Worked really well for me.


I had this too! It was kind of fun. When I went to school for graphics we had to be able to type 40wpm, so stupid, but I did learn with that dumb game.


Same here. My technique is far from "correct", but I'm a fairly proficient typist just from doing it a lot.


Agreed. 6th grade typing class I could do about 15wpm and I'd stare at the keyboard. In the summer between that and 7th I sat on aim all day and went back typing 60-70wpm without looking.

Now I type somewhere around 90-120wpm and the only key I use my pinky finger for is shift and the "' marks. And my hand placement is all over the place, nowhere near home row. Anyhow the lesson is use what works, if you can do 60-70 without using homerow there isn't much reason to use it, I find myself typing slower using the "proper" technique.