Learning the Roid Game

Hey I’m looking for some advice. I’m doing lots of research and keep finding conflicting info for how to start using steroids.

I’m looking for modest gains and just a bit of a boost as I start.

I’d like to follow a short cycle regimen of 2-6 weeks on and 2-6 weeks off and just try to pack on 5-15lbs of new muscle.

My question is what are the best drugs to take, should I do a test only cycle to start? If not which should I do because everyone says something different?

I also don’t understand if I’ll need a PCT for a short cycle and if so where I can find info about appropriate dosing?

Any help would be awesome I’m sorry to ask newb Q’s but I want to be safe and there just isn’t clear info out there!

First, read the stickies and do sufficient research about the various compounds and the effects of steroids on your HPTA.

Second, list your stats and propose a cycle.

Third, stop referring to steroids as Roids!!!

I’m a proponent of a test only first cycle just to see how you respond.

do research on side effects as well as safety protocols so you can stack up on some vitamins and make sure you’re diet is in check to counteract the latter.

The “roid” game (don’t say that anymore lol) is all about longevity and remaining healthy. If a cycle puts you 3 steps forward and 1 step back after coming off. Numerous dangerous cycles decreasing your longevity will take you 10 steps forward and 11 steps back. So first and foremost make sure you’re old enough, get a blood panel, consult a physician and educate yourself.