Learning Proper Exercise Technique

I’ve been going to my local gym for about 6 months now and came to T-Nation in a search to create my own exercise program. After being overwhelmed by all the information it became clear that Proper Exercise Technique is of paramount importance when working out.

I have searched through this site and cannot find a place where the proper technique is spelled out for the exercises I want. Sure there are threads with a specific but no one stop place to tell me how to do, for example, bench press, lat pull-down, squats, etc. I would appreciate anyones help in pointing me to a place where I can learn how to perform different exercises.

I have found www.midwestbarbell.com/videos.htm which shows me videos of some exercise but since I’m a beginner I don’t know what to look for in the videos and some of the exercises are not available to view.



Thanks for the quick response, the second website is exactly what I was looking for. Now all I need to do is create my program.

In most cases, if you simply google the name of an exercise, one of the first few matches will include a photo or video of proper technique.