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Learning Pointless Things For No Reason


I felt like learning something new, so I decided to learn how to learn how to do the Melbourne Shuffle.

That's the shuffle done by guys who are friggin' amazing at it.
But those dudes weigh like 100lbs soaking wet, it's a lot harder when you're 250 :frowning:

Anyways, it kills time and it's actually kind of fun to learn.
Anybody else learn stupid things for no reason at all other than to kill time?


Law school.




Teaching myself to juggle at the moment just for shits and giggles (and because my daughter thinks it is cool)



I'm still laughing at that!


eh I've seen people get beaten up at clubs for doing the Melbourne shuffle, learning guitar hero on hard....


Playing real guitar gets you more chicks. Don't play classical guitar, though, that actually scares women away. :frowning:

I have a mind to learn html and CSS as my "hobby" because I have little to do in my free time.


bitches love when I play classical gas


Anybody who does the shuffle at a club is a dumbass anyways. That stuff is pure rave dancing.


So true.


That video is great. I love how its only one or two people doing the shuffle while everyone else is just standing still and watching, and I laughed when I saw the guy at the end with the helmet.


I can do a little melb shuffle but I prefer the c-walk.


have you seen that south park episode too do with guitar hero lol, thats pretty much rampant through melbourne at the moment, cause we just got the world tour package


You should wear a helmet like that one guy. Dancin' Stig FTW.


I became an expert at Dance Dance Revolution, only to discover that skills don't seem to transfer well from the home pad to the arcade.
I've also learned knitting, crochet, quilting, knife throwing, and calligraphy.
I spent a few years as a housewife...


i wish i could shuffle.

^ you will love this one

una otra


Ahaha yeah, I just call it a guest appearance from Daft Punk!


Melbourne shuffle only looks impressive if you're skinny. If you're a 250 pound freight train you're gonna look retarded doing it. Plus you'll have to deal with very chafey thighs...

And even though I'm sure it's very hard to do, Melbourne shuffle looks like the same freaking moves over and over...


Hey, it's killing time! It's kinda fun too. I like to head out to the ocasional rave and I hate being some big dude just standing there bobbing my knees and head. I'll NEVER be able to move like those little guys, but at least if I can move my feet around I'd be able to have some more fun.



Terry Crews moves great, and hes bigger than 95% of the people on this site.

its about learning the moves and having the rhythym. you also get improved neural functioning through lifting so you can actually control your body better than them.