Learning on the Anabolic Diet

I’ve been doing AD for 3 months now and I love it. I learn more about it everyday . That being said I still have a lot to learn. One thing I’m a bit confused about is, can you eat an unlimited amount of broccoli or lettuce and not count the calories or carbs? Say I wanted to eat 4 heads of lettuce a day, or 6 bags of broccoli. This would have no effect on the macros?

Dietary fiber does not count on the anabolic diet because it is not digested. You can eat as much broccoli and lettuce as you want. Though the broccoli might be better with some butter or cheese.

Can you eat 6 bags of broccoli? Also, fiber doesn’t count.

One large head of lettuce is 100 calories. Sure 6 would be a total of 600 cal. (yay for simple math) but I think the shits eating that much lettuce would give you would more than flush the extra calories.