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Learning O-lifts in Hamilton, ON

Anyone have a suggestion on someone I might contact to start learning how to properly do the olympic lifts? I’m moving to Hamilton in a couple weeks, so I’ve been searching for a little while but have come up with nothing. I’m thinking I should be able to find someone in athletic department at McMaster, but you never know. Thanks.

Look up IlCazzo here on the board, he’s an Olympic COach, as is LoopFit(t).

THey’ve both helped me find places to train.

Go to ontarioweightlifting.ca. click on clubs. This is a list of all active clubs registered with the ontario weightlifting association. Good luck.

bump…for the weekenders…

If you’re in “The Hammer” there is a guy that trains many of the McMaster athletes named Chris Malcolm (sp?). He works out of The Pulse at Mac and is apparently good at teaching O-lifts. I have no personal experience with him myself, but it’s a start.

Awesome Kinetix, thanks for the info.