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Learning O-Lifts and Program Design

I am starting a new program on Monday. I’ve never don’t O-lifts and don’t have any idea about what to do and how to design a program for them.

Can anyone help or point me in a direction?

Thank you.

I guess I should have said that I think it would be good to give O-lifts a try. So I’d like to incorporate some or do my next few weeks doing them.


Have you read the articles about how to clean and do a 1 arm snatch? CS’s articles.

Google the names of lifts and such to see some video’s for reference.

Find a coach and see him semi regularly.

Start off doing broken-down versions of the lifts. like:

Overhead squat snatch grip - get the flexibility
push press
front squat - get the ‘rack’ down
deadlift high pulls - a goodish way to get explosivity down

Hook grip everything, chinup bar, dumbells etc.

Do one arm snathces to get the movement down for gettting under stuff.

Read and research. then get a coach and listen. He will be able to set you up a program.

For me for gaining the technique I usually just do several sets of 1 and make sure I concentrate on each one and get good muscle memory. But make sure you have the basic attributes built up first. If you can’t push press it you will likely not be able to jerk it. If you can’t OH squat it yopu can’t snatch it.